Mister Twister SwimSation

As bass anglers, we are always looking for a bait different than the rest, while still resembling natural forage for bass. Soft plastic swimbaits, in particular, are usually very similar among manufacturers with a few tweaks here and there. Soft plastic swimbait tweaks include sizes from 3 to 6 inches, ribbed or solid, segmented or straight, thin or thick bodied. Whether I’m burning it across the top, slowly swimming it, or hoping it around like a jerkbait I prefer a swimbait with an abundance of action. The Mister Twister Swimsation is a swimbait with a different look. An hourglass ribbed body, with a thin paddle tail and curly tail fins at each side, set the Mister Twister Swimsation apart from the rest.

Mister Twister Swimsation


Mister Twister Swimsation The Test

The hourglass shape gives these swimbaits a range of motion not found in other baits. I tested the Mister Twister Swimsation in a clear water lake with excellent visibility so I could witness the action under different speeds and presentations. Burning the bait on the top of the water column gave off large water displacement and splashing due to the thin, yet sturdy paddle tail. Swimming the bait at a slow speed didn’t stop the tail action, and I could see it paddling from side to side. Finally, using a jerkbait type action moved the paddle tail without a problem.


The Mister Twister Swimsation fins helped with the overall action of the bait. As the bait moved, the fins flapped in the water perfectly. I think this is one of the best parts of this bait. So many swimbaits out there and yet none have fins like the Mister Twister Swimsation. At first, anglers may think the fins on the Swimsation look odd, but think about it, are there baitfish without fins?


Another interesting design on the Mister Twister Swimsation is the proprietary Mister Twister Poc’its. Small pockets or holes along the main body of the bait. When I first looked at the Mister Twister Swimsation, I said to myself, “What the heck are these little indentations for?” Then I remembered reading about the Swimsation causing air bubbles in the water. When I tested the baits, I immediately saw the Poc’its in action. As the bait sinks, I can see bubbles coming up the water column. The bait also had a nice slow, tantalizing descent.

Mister Twister Swimsation Adds Variety

With eleven different colors to choose from, anglers shouldn’t have a problem finding the color to be successful in a favorite fishing hole. Whether looking for a bait to imitate baby bass, shad, shiners, shad, bluegill or even trout, Mister Twister has it covered! They will certainly be in my tackle bag anytime I go to Lake Okeechobee! Next time you’re looking for soft plastic swimbaits give the Mister Twister Swimsation a try. I am very impressed and have added the Mister Twister Swimsation to my everyday outing arsenal.


Tight Lines,

Rick Del Prado

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