Mister Twister Buzz Bug

The Mister Twister Buzz Bug is smashing the versatility ceiling and becoming professional anglers’ go to bait for multiple applications. The Mister Twister Buzz Bug is catching bass flipping in heavy cover, on Carolina rigs, and with wobble heads. Don’t forget its name “Buzz Bug”, it’s also catching bass buzzed weightless on the surface. With a single bait, anglers have multiple bass catching presentations only limited by imagination. Sounds like and advertisement, right? I have the facts and experience to back it up. So let’s get into the meat and potatoes on these different applications and why anglers need to have the Mister Twister Buzz Bug in their bass fishing arsenal.

Mister Twister Buzz Bug

I was fortunate and received the Mister Twister Buzz Bug before it was available to the public. For me, the Mister Twister Buzz Bug has been an incredible trailer for both standard bottom bouncing and swimming jigs. In fact, because of the size and leg design, I can say hands down the Mister Twister Buzz Bug is the best jig trailer I’ve ever used. I’ve also used the Mister Twister Buzz bug as a flipping bait with outstanding success.

I was talking with Elite Series professional angler Clent Davis about the various Mister Twister products. I’m especially fond of the Swimsation and wanted to get his opinions on how he fishes this bait on the Elite Circuit. The conversation quickly turned to what he was currently catching bass with, the Mister Twister Buzz Bug. “Mike, the Buzz Bug is where it’s at right now!” Clent Said. “I’m catching a ton of bass on the Mister Twister Buzz Bug, it’s an amazing summer flipping bait. I can cover water with it on a Carolina rig and as a swim jig trailer, but where I’m doing my biggest damage is using the Buzz Bug with the Nichols Hard Head.”

Nearly every time I talk with Clent he is catching fish with a Nichols Hard Head (Bulldozer) and a Mister Twister bait. He pairs the hard head with a Flip’n OUT in the winter, and the Buzz Bug in the warm water months. I personally have also had great success with hard-head or wobble-head style baits. However, I have migrated to the vibrating jig in lieu of the basic wobble-heads. A vibrating jig with a Buzz Bug produced violent strikes all spring for me. I wish I had the forethought to try the wobble-head when the thump of the vibrating jigs may have been a turn off in frontal situations. I won’t make this mistake again.

Clent explained, “There is nothing fancy about fishing a Nichols Hard-Head, just cast it out and wind.” Not something I expected to hear from a Pro. Clent Davis assured me, “There is no secret to this bait, the only thing I do is wind while making sure I can feel the bottom.” He continued, “Mister Twister’s line of baits make it easy, they have built-in action. As anglers, all we have to do is find the fish and Mister Twister baits will catch them.” When fishing a Mister Twister Buzz Bug and hard-head combination in 10 feet of water or less, he’ll use a 3/8 ounce. When fishing the combination in 10-20 feet of water he will move up to a 1/2 ounce. Clent said he doesn’t like to go above a 1/2 ounce with a hard-head combination.

I must admit Clent threw me when he said he was using it on a Carolina rig; I just hadn’t thought about it. I’m not a big Carolina rig angler; however, there is a time and place for the presentation, so I’ve become adept at fishing it. After thinking about it, the Mister Twister Buzz Bug is perfect for the Carolina rig. The Buzz Bug has tremendous leg kicking action which starts instantly when given input. Personally testing it on the Carolina rig set up was very enlightening. When pulled across the bottom, the bait will lift, tilt, and turn all while the legs are kicking. I should have put this together since I’m familiar with the action of the Mister Twister Buzz Bug weightless around lily pads and hydrilla. Clent suggests a 3/0 Gamakatsu extra wide gap (EWG) hook for Carolina rigging the Buzz Bug. Larger hooks cause a faster fall, which hinders the Carolina presentation.

I’m blessed to live in a part of the world which is extremely target rich. Pitching and flipping are highly productive patterns no matter what time of year. I pressed Clent about how he fishes the Buzz Bug when pitching or flipping. “Mike, the Mister Twister Buzz Bug is the best flipping bait I’ve ever used. It’s the legs, they have so much action, and the action starts as soon as the bait hits the water. The extra length in the legs allows them to move even without lifting the bait. Any water movement will cause the Buzz Bug legs to dance. I have had great success letting the Buzz Bug just soak. Don’t move it, let the water current do the work.” Clent again recommended the 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook and advised to let the cover and depth be the guide with weight.

Prior to Mister Twister’s release of the Buzz Bug, anglers had to use at least a ¼ ounce weight with other baits to get the legs kicking on the fall. I’ve witnessed the incredible movement in the legs with just the Buzz Bug, light line, a 4/0 hook and no weight. I wholeheartedly agree with Clent on the flipping and pitching capabilities of the Mister Twister Buzz Bug; it’s a home run.

Clent closed our conversation by saying, “The Mister Twister Buzz Bug is on the deck of my boat in multiple presentations every time I’m on the water. It’s just very versatile and one of my top bass catching baits.” With so many uses and Mister Twisters large color selection, I asked Clent what his favorite three colors are. He was quick to say, “Okeechobee Craw, Watermelon Candy, and Green Pumpkin. But, Mike, you have to have California 420 too.”

I’ve fished the Buzz Bug now for several months. The action is outstanding and the versatility is one of its best attributes. However, the icing on the cake for the Buzz Bug is its durability. I don’t know how they do it, but Mister Twisters Buzz Bug has all the action of a hand poured bait with the durability of a tire. No matter how much weight is used, the Buzz Bug legs start kicking as soon as it hits the water. Unlike its counterparts, anglers will catch multiple fish on a single bait. When punching heavy vegetation, I’ve had to replace torn baits before getting a strike. However, the Mister Twister Buzz Bug is the Superman of these baits. Even in the thickest of hydrilla, coontail or lily pad mats I catch multiple fish on a single Buzz Bug. Not only is the Buzz Bug a bass producer, it also catches more bass per bait which equals savings. More bass less money, win-win.

Without a doubt the Mister Twister Buzz Bug will always be part of my arsenal, but after talking to Clent, it looks like I have a couple of additions to make. The effective versatility of the Buzz Bug has reduced the amount of tackle I carry. I no longer need surface toad style baits since the Buzz Bug creates just as much disturbance as any on the market. With the Buzz Bug’s exceptional sub-surface action, it replaces everything except large worms and beaver style baits in my boat. If a compact body with lots of action is what’s needed, the Mister Twister Buzz Bug is the ticket.

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