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When UltimateBass.com told me the news I was next in line for the Mister Twister Buzz Bug review, I was pretty excited. Although I do not fish craw style baits often, I will admit, the reputation of the Mister Twister Buzz Bug made me want to use one. The Mister Twister Buzz Bug is what I consider a multi-dimensional bait. Meaning, this bait can be used in so many ways, the anglers’ chances of hooking up with a bass go sky high.

Mister Twister Buzz Bug reveiw

The Mister Twister Buzz Bug can be fished in any part of the water column. The bug can be buzzed on top of the water, used as a swim jig trailer, flipped, pitched, punched and Texas rigged. With this many options, this bait is a must have for bass fisherman all over the country.

One of the features I love on the Mister Twister Buzz Bug is the life like appendages. As soon as the Bug enters the water those appendages come to life. Any slight movement and the appendages begin to flap in tantalizing rhythm. Even at rest, the appendages slowly rise giving the impression of an actual crawfish.

My overall impressions of this bait were positive. I enjoyed watching how fluid the Bug moved through the water. When I encountered a bass, the bait was not easily chewed up, but like any craw style bait, appendages will be lost to aggressive bass. I enjoyed fishing with Mister Twister Buzz Bug. As part of a product review Ultimate Bass only had specific colors to give out. The color I received is not the best choice for my area, yet I still caught bass; attesting to the ability of this bait to catch bass. When an angler matches the correct color to the forage of their home lakes, look out, because this bait will catch loads of bass. There are fifteen color options in the Mister Twister Buzz Bug making matching the hatch to local waters easy. Mister Twister hit out of the park with the Buzz Bug.

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  • It was very durable
  • It did what it said it did
  • It was worth the expence
  • It caught fish
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