Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake

Mega Chomp has developed a unique blade combination designed to provide a different vibration and flash than standard spinnerbaits. In nearly all their product lines, Mega Chomp creates a unique visual or sound, providing angler’s with more options for tightlipped bass. Mega Chomp offers a wide variety of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs. The latest addition to the Mega Chomp line up is the Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake. The BHO Mega Shake is a bladed jig with the addition of the unique Mega Chomp flash. Lee Smith, a professional angler from Mississippi, recently provided me with some personal feedback on the new Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake.

Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake


Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake Product Review

I was curious what Lee’s initial thoughts were and started our interview there. Lee was very impressed with the baits saying, “The hook is stout and sharp, a very well built lure.” Something I’ve noticed about all the Mega Chomp baits I’ve used, Johnny uses a great hook in his baits. Lee tells me starting with his first bass; hook ups were great, able to claim 100% hook up ratio. Something very unusual for a vibrating jig from any manufacturer.

In Lee’s initial impressions he also said, “When I opened these up, my first thoughts were, the vibrating action with additional flash will be excellent for pulling bass out of weed beds.” Lee already has a couple of grass beds in mind and seemed excited about using the Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake as the season progresses into fall for firing up pods of bass. Then his anticipation moved to spring with both pre and post- spawn patterns, being able to cover water and draw strikes from staging bass.

Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake It’s Different

Many new additions to the vibrating jig genre end up with problems. Anglers and bait makers tweak vibrating jigs to try and create a different sound, vibration, or flash. More often than not, this ends up creating a lure requiring special retrieves. Winding too slow or too fast causes an improper action. With the addition of the blades on the Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake, I was curious how this affected its fish-ability. According to Lee, the Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake is very easy to fish. Lee started with, “It casts like a dream. Doesn’t tangle in the line on long casts or with a lift and drop presentation.” He continued, “The BHO Mega Shake is very easy to work, the added flash of the blade on the bottom of the bait works well with a stop-and-go retrieve. It only takes a turn of the reel, and the actions start easily.”

Lee’s tells me his favorite thing about the Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake is, “… it has great vibrations on faster retrieves and how well the thump comes to play on a slow retrieve.” According to Lee, this is a very well rounded bait which provides a different action than what the other anglers are using. This different action means anytime the vibrating jig bite is on, and everyone throws it, I can use the Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake and provide the necessary thump yet a different flash and vibration to entice a few additional strikes on pressured lakes.

Mega Chomp BHO Mega Shake My Thoughts

I’ve used several baits in the Mega Chomp line up and have been very impressed with the quality components: strong and sharp hooks, smooth ball bearing, and vibrant skirts. I’ve spoken with Johnny Smith, owner of Mega Chomp Lure Company, a couple of times and he always stresses customer satisfaction. He wants his customers to be completely satisfied with his lures, and this starts with the best components he can acquire.

Lee, being a very respected angler in Mississippi and the Ultimate Bass community, gave the Mega Chomp Mega Shake an excellent review. After speaking with Lee, I’m excited to get my hands on the Mega Shake and see what my local bass think. Be sure to check them out at The Chrome Baby Bass or Chartreuse Shad will be my first two picks.

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