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Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbaits combine a realistic head design with a flexible wire to create a spinnerbait that looks like a bait fish and generates a ton of vibration. I have been fishing this spinnerbait for a little over 6 months now. Starting in late spring, through the summer months, and finally closing out the fall here in the south. I have had many people tell me that they felt the Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbait was the F1 of spinnerbaits; I can honestly now agree that the Ko-Man-Chi Pro spinnerbait is at the top of the pack. It’s made from the highest quality components available to include a lazer sharp Trokar Hook.

The Pro Soft- Wire Spinnerbait has a flexible wire frame that utilizes a stabilizer to attach your line too. The stabilizer also provides a unique and secure way to change blades, allowing you to change both the upper and lower blades of this top of the line spinnerbait without having to fumble with snap rings or tying on a completely new spinnerbait. In just a matter of two or three seconds, you can have a completely different offering to cast.

No matter how fast you retrieve this spinnerbait, it will not roll. Because of the soft wire frame the blade cannot achieve leverage against the head of the spinnerbait. So no matter how big the blades are, no matter how fast you retrieve it, this spinnerbait will simply came back to you straight and true.

Because of the flexible arms there is a very noticeable increase in vibration over other spinnerbaits. Since the arm that holds the blade is not rigid, the blades are able to vibrate more. This translates to a very pronounced thump as it moves through the water, making it the perfect bait for slow rolling over vegetation or along points and ledges.

With nearly 60 color patterns to chose from. Ko-Man-Chi does not skimp on any of the components to this spinnerbait. The skirt is no exception. Lots of thought has gone into skirt and color design. With the exception of a couple stand by colors that always produce across the world, many of the Ko-Man-Chi colors are unique to his line of spinnerbaits. Roberts color patterns are fantastic and represent many different species of bait fish.

Something I noticed pretty quick with the Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbait is that you don’t miss strikes. If you feel a strike, you’re going to catch that fish. The flexible arm easily moves out of the way of a striking fish, ensuring hook ups. With a standard spinnerbait, a bass must collapse the safety pin style arm before it can get to the hook. With the Ko-Man-Chi, this is not an issue, the flexible wire can move in all directions so a strike from a bass, on either side, top, bottom, or from behind will result in the blades moving out of the way and a solid hook up. Once you have a bass hooked this same flexibility prevents a bass from throwing the bait. Since the wire is flexible, a bass cannot get leverage against it to twist off.

Over the past few months, I have caught a tremendous amount of bass on these spinnerbaits. I’ve found that slow rolling them around cover and docks drives bass insane. Since the components used to put this spinnerbait together or high quality, it doesn’t take much to get the blades spinning. Using various sized heads and adjusting my line size, I can easily adapt to any water column the fish are holding in. A very productive technique is yo-yoing them along drop offs, as well. Because of the soft wire frame, when these baits fall on slack line it is nothing short of amazing. The soft wire straightens out some and the bait has a perfect helicopter fall to it that bass can’t seem to resist. This technique is also very productive when bait fish are schooling, and bass are feeding on them. Simply throw past the school and retrieve it to the middle of the bait fish and let it fall. I get shivers just thinking about the violent strikes I was getting while doing this during the summer months.

I assure you, if you’ll spend some time looking over the Ko-Man-Chi website you’ll be drooling over these baits just as much as the bass do. http://www.ko-man-chi.com/

Ko-Man-Chi variety

Ko-Man-Chi provides a custom service, as well. If you have a design or idea the owner, Robert Osler, would love to talk to you about it and see what can be created. With a unique outlook on spinnerbaits, buzz baits, and jigs, Robert at Ko-Man-Chi can do amazing things with what was once just a standard spinnerbait. I’ve talked with Robert several times and his excitement and enthusiasm towards tinkering, and making a product better is amazing. It’s no wonder he has developed such a productive adaptation to the already fishing catching spinnerbait. Once you try a Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbait you’ll never look at the standard safety pin style spinnerbaits the same again.

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