Groove Belt, a must have!

The Groove Life belt, what a find! The Groove Belt has turned out to be the best belt I’ve owned, and as a middle-aged guy like myself who keeps gaining and losing weight, I’ve gone through a lot of belts. However, I’ll never buy another belt. The Groove Belt by Groove Life is an adjustable belt fitting any fashion style, utility, or pants holding need. Here are a few of the top reasons for my new love affair.

No more trying to find the right hole with a buckle-style belt. I have a tweener waist. Meaning nothing fits, not even paint sizes. The pre-punched holes in most belts don’t fit my waist; my belts are always too loose or too tight. I’ve destroyed three belts and nearly cut my hand open trying to modify my belts by adding holes in the tweener spots. I’ve got the scars to prove it doesn’t work. With the Groove Belt, I adjust the length of the belt to my size just once. Once set to my waist, this belt holds my drawers secure with a satisfying click of earth magnets every time I put it on. No pulling or tugging and trying to find the hole, slide the magnets together, hear the click, ready to roll. The belt won’t come loose until you want it to belly crawl, drag a deer out of the thickest of brush, even jump out of the boat to avoid the angry hornets; the Groove Belt will keep your paints in place. I tested the belt in water for hours; it didn’t change shape, fail, or discolor.

The Grove Belt is also a conceal-carry man’s man of belts. It holds my Ruger or Smith & Wesson perfectly in place. I’m ready for anything the urban or wild jungle throws my way. Even with a mild jog, my weapon stays securely against my back or on my hip. What if I’m out of ammo? I’m sure I can take off and run without my drawers hitting my ankles because I have the perfect fit and earth magnets keeping everything in retreat mode. Remember, I’m a middle-aged fat man, so I haven’t personally tried the “out of ammo and zombies chasing me” scenario, but I’m certain the Groove Belt isn’t going to let me down. I must say there is a lot of confidence when I hear those magnets click; something about it says, “Oh Yeah– Solid.” Check out the video, it’s a fun two minutes on their web page.

While the buckle has Earth Magnets, the belt is something called Flex Stretch! Perfect for the working waist. Leather is suitable initially; however, after a couple of days at work or play, leather is stretched and can’t return to its original shape. I’ve put Flex Stretch to the test, and it doesn’t give much and always comes back. Time and time again. I’m not sure exactly what it’s made from; however, it will provide just enough stretch when needed and bounce back to the perfect fit every time. From squatting to pick up a grandkid, belling crawling under the house to fix a broken pipe, to hip checking the older grandkids to see them fall and laugh, I’ve not had my Grove Life belt slip or had the buckle come apart, not once.

The Grove Belt has endless color and design options. From the basic night out on the town belts to belts with a team logo on the buckle. I promise it’s nearly impossible to pick just one; I tried. Grove Life has camo and shade belts, DC and Marvel buckles, NFL buckles, exclusive belts design categories. However, there is a belt style for everyone, even the pickiest of people. A Groove Belt is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for anyone on your list, sportsman or not. Dress, leisure, or play, the Groove Life Belt is the only belt you’ll need. Stylish enough for dinner out on the town, strong enough for the air conditioner guy chasing tubes and wires throughout the house with tool bags on his waist.

In reality, the way the Grove Live belt functions is effortless; I wonder why it took mankind so long to think of it. Kudos to the folks at Grove Life for the forethought and genius to develop such a practical belt. I mean, come on, earth magnets are brutally strong; why did it take this long to think about using them in a belt? No matter, it’s finally here! Groove Life, you knocked this one out of the park.

Make sure to check out the website and all their products, from silicone rings with personal etching to watch bands. Groove Life has a lot of cool stuff to fill your shopping needs.

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Mike Cork


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