Field and Stream Clothing

Field and Stream clothing is something I hadn’t thought about until I recently was asked to review a shirt and shorts set. To be honest, I thought “Field and Stream” was just a magazine with some great information about hunting and fishing. During my time studying Field and Stream, I’ve learned a lot about them. They maintain a large clothing line, everything from rain gear to summer wear. Everything from rain gear to summer wear. Fortunate for me, I was chosen to try out the summer wear. No arm twisting to get me out in the elements when it’s warm and sunny.

Field and Stream Clothing

Field and Stream sent me a Field and Stream Latitude Short Sleeve shirt and a pair of Field and Stream Harbor Fishing shorts. Right out of the package I was impressed. Both the shirt and shorts were very light and soft to the touch. This translates to very comfortable to wear, and they did not disappoint me. I was concerned they may be too light, and UV protection would suffer. However, the tag on both stated UPF 50+. After testing, I’m convinced the UPF rating is accurate.

Field and Stream Clothing Review

The Field and Stream Latitude shirts are the standard “flats” design. With light-weight construction, extra-large pockets in the front and a vented flap in the back of the shirt. The most impressive thing about this shirt is how it keeps you cool. The Smart Cool and Smart Wicking Technologies are very efficient. In the heat and humidity of Louisiana, keeping cool is the difference between finishing a tournament or ending up in the air conditioning with heat stroke. Even with very little breeze, the Field and Stream Latitude shirt somehow uses your bodies perspiration to provide a cooling effect. I’m sure there is some science to it, but what I know is it works.


Sizing and fit were spot-on. I typically order an a larger shirt just to make sure it will fit. For purposes of the review, I asked for a large, as this is my actual size. The cut of the shirt is exact; every inch fit perfectly. I’m very picky, the chest, neck, and casting motions all have to be comfortable. Without exception the shirt was an exceptional fit. I also selected white in color. White is taboo for fishing stains, and I wanted to put it to the full test. Fish slime, bait scents, and a small splatter of blood all disappeared when washed the next day.


Field and Stream Clothing

The Harbor fishing shorts also have a great fit, very comfortable to wear all day. With the wicking technology, not only do they keep you cool, but they dry very quickly. After a nasty boat ride, quick summer rain showers, or getting in the water when having trouble loading a boat, these shorts dry in a matter of minutes; almost fast enough to see it happen. The shorts have become a regular in my clothing line up, whether fishing or not, they are very comfortable. Their style fits nicely with a polo shirt for going to dinner in town, or to any casual event.

Sizing for the shorts is a little different. With belt loops for the front three-quarters and elastic in the back, the size range will surely fit any angler. I’d recommend purchasing the smallest size you usually wear, then allow the elastic to ensure proper fit.


For a shore angler, the Harbor shorts are a must have. With seven pockets, an angler can carry just about everything he needs without having to lug around extra tackle boxes or bags. Extremely light weight, cut just above the knee and with UPF 50 the Harbor Shorts provide outstanding summer protection for any angler; shore or boat.


I spent some time on the Field and Stream Shop website. Vast! This store carries many products with a broad range of brands. The site is easy to navigate. also has excellent search refinement tools, which is a bonus for the number of products available. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit is there are no minimum purchases to receive free shipping. Order $30 or $300 and the shipping is free.

Price is very respectable on both of these items, in fact the entire line of Field and Stream clothing is priced very reasonable. The quality makes Field and Stream clothing an exceptional buy in my opinion. Father’s day is just around the corner, I highly recommend both the shirt and shorts, he’ll love them.

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