Dobyns Fury First Impression

Dobyns Fury First Impression. For quite some time, Gary Dobyns has been asked to make a rod at the 100-dollar price point. I have owned Dobyns Rods for the last 4 years, but only in the Extreme and Champion line. When the new line of Fury rods launched at the end May 2015, I wanted to jump on one.

Dobyns Fury First Impression

Dobyns Fury First Impression

I had been looking for a good quality rod dedicated for Lipless Crankbaits for a few months. When I learned Gary was producing a 7-foot rod in a 5 power designed for cranking, I knew which model of the Fury I was going to get! Dobyns labels this model for all types of treble hook baits including the Lipless Crankbaits.

There wasn’t a lot to go on for reviews or videos of this rod online due to only being released less than a month ago. However, my past experience with Dobyns rods erased any worries I had about purchasing one. I placed my order for the 705CB last week and it arrived today.
Dobyns Fury First Impression

My first impression of this rod had me thinking this wasn’t a 100-dollar price point rod. This rod is very lightweight and well balanced! It does feel a tiny bit heavy on the tip side, but not near as bad as other rods at this price point. The AA-grade cork handle looked very nice. The Fuji reel seat leaves plenty of blank to feel the rod shaft. Hypalon rear grip feels good and doesn’t have a cheap feeling to it. The guides all look straight and well put together. No imperfections can be seen in the guide wrapping at all. The great looking graphics follow along the lines of all rods in the Dobyns line. The Fury has the same looped hook keeper as all other Dobyns Rods do. On the right side where it should be! All of this packed into a rod with an MSRP of $109.99!

My 705CB weighed in at 4.5 ounces. I paired it with a 5.7-ounce Lew’s Tournament Lite reel. After spooling it up with 12# Yo-Zuri Hybrid, the total package comes in at 10.5 ounces! No doubt this will be a lightweight setup to burn Lipless Crankbaits all day long with out being fatigued.

Overall, my first impressions of this rod are very good. Much higher than I had expected. I was thrilled Gary decided to include a Crankbait rod in the Fury lineup. A 635CB and 634CB with full-length Cork grips may just deplete the cash fund even more. One can only hope!

I will be spending a lot of time with this setup in the next few months. I am looking forward to reporting on this after some heavy fishing. Stay tuned for more!

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