AKASO Brave 7 LE Action Camera Review

AKASO Brave 7 LE Action Camera is a must have for bass anglers wanting to record their adventures.

I have been on a quest to increase the video content of Ultimatebass.com. In the past, there were few options in small cameras, and those options were costly. Anglers have shelled out big dollars for small mountable cameras to capture a special fishing trip, create fishing instructional videos, or simply wanting to show off their catches. Even today, many of the small action cameras are expensive. So I investigated the AKASO at www.akasotech.com

Enter the AKASO Brave 7 LE camera. Priced less than $120 on Amazon.com, it turns out this camera is a hidden gem. When I came across this camera, I almost passed right by it because of the price. Everything I had been looking at was far north of $200, and here is a camera just over $100. With such a low cost, I just assumed it would lack features. However, I am glad I investigated further because in the realm of “You Get What You Pay For,” in my opinion, this camera is a steal of a deal.

AKASO Brave 7 LE unboxing – The camera is the same size as all the popular action cameras. The camera has a female tripod mounting terminal on the bottom. One of the seven supplied mounts has the male tripod terminal, allowing for quickly building a variety of mounting installations. Other items include handlebar/pole mount, seven various bolt-together options, high strength tape for installing mounts, charger, two batteries, USB cable, two helmet mounts, Velcro bandages, harnesses, cloth, waterproof case, watch-style remote, and a manual. I was quite impressed with all packed into the box with the camera. Short of a selfie stick, Asako has packaged everything someone would need to start creating excellent quality videos in a single box. As a side note: All the mounts matched and fit my current Go Pro mounts installed on my boat. No need for attaching more stuff to my bass boat, the Asako Brave 7 LE mounts fit all the attachments I currently have installed.

First let me say I am a slow learner when it comes to electronic devices, navigating my iPhone is a challenge in futility, and I have had one for years. I have had real trouble in the past operating cameras on the water. I sit at my desk and figure out what I need to do; however, by the time I get to the lake, I have forgotten and get frustrated to the point I give up. The AKASO Brave 7 LE has straightforward navigation, and it has been easy to capture the footage I want. When turned on, the camera starts in the video mode. Turn the camera on, hit the record button and I am off and running, it does not get any easier. If I’m recording myself, push and hold the mode button, and the camera switches the display to the front screen. Then I can easily see what’s in the frame in front of the camera. Even an electronics dummy like me can and has captured great videos with this camera.

When adjusting is necessary, the AKASO Brave 7 LE touch screen makes it super easy to switch video modes, change to camera mode, or change any video functions. No more trying to remember button combinations to adjust settings, swipe up on the touch screen and navigate swiftly through the options.

The Selfie-Screen, as I call it – the front screen, is an incredibly useful feature for a bass angler. Anglers go through all the trouble to mount cameras on boats to get the best shot; however, these locations do not always allow them to view the monitor and know what is in the frame. The forward-facing monitor on the AKASO Brave 7 LE will enable anglers to see what is recording quickly.


A must-have for bass anglers is the image stabilization. The AKASO Brave 7 LE image stabilization is excellent. Recording footage while driving at 50 MPH is crisp and clear. The wind noise reduction feature is highly effective on general wind noise, which is essential to an angler out on an open lake, the wind can get quite annoying and cover-up an angler’s voice. I have been extremely pleased with the amount of noise reduction. The Asako Brave 7 LE does a fantastic job separating and removing wind noise while not removing birds or other on the water sounds.

High-resolution photos. We are anglers; any angler wants evidence/proof of monster catches. After catching a giant bass, the AKASO Brave 7 LE can take a high-resolution photo with the screen’s swipe or a touch of the watch remote. The images are crisp clear and are large enough to cut, crop, and manipulate as desired. Anglers can pick specific details out of the original image to satisfy even the most passionate Type-A blogger.

The watch style remote is convenient for an angler. Quickly start and stop recording or snap photos with the tap of the watch face. Being on the wrist is extremely helpful when holding a bass for a photo, taping the button is easy.

External power is vital to long days on the water. Batteries cannot keep up. Anglers can purchase more batteries; however, it takes up fishing time to change them out. I must say, I have been extremely impressed with the battery life, so far, I would not be afraid to say batteries are lasting twice as long as competitors. For anglers who hate changing batteries, the Asako Brave 7 LE has two ports, micro HDMI, and micro USB, providing power and downloading capability.

The Asako Brave 7 LE has all the features we have come accustom to in small action cameras. In video mode, there is Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Time Lapse, and Loop. On the photo side, there is burst, long exposure, time-lapse, and a timer. The AKASO Brave 7 LE camera can connect to a phone via Wi-Fi and the AKASO app allowing full control. I have not found anything this camera cannot do, and I find the interface much easier to use than any other camera I use.

Cons –

The only negative is it is not waterproof without the included waterproof case. The camera has been splash-proof so far and claims IPX7 water-resistant design can protect the action camera from rain, snow, and water splashing. The camera comes with a very tight waterproof case and provides exceptional protection. The only drawback is with the waterproof case; the camera cannot record sound. I have not yet evaluated the extensiveness of the water-resistance. The splashing associated with catching bass and minor summer showers have not been an issue.

The last item worth mentioning, and I am not sure if it is an update to the camera since creating the manual, however, the manual states to wipe up on the touch screen to lock or turn off the camera. The camera I have does not do this; the camera switches to standby mode after a few seconds of inactivity, pressing any feature brings the camera back to life.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the AKASO Brave 7 LE and will buy another one. The ease of use, how it fits all my other mounts, and the dual screens make it hands down the better choice. At less than half the price of other cameras in this class, the decision is clear, the AKASO Brave 7 LE is the best action camera on the market right now.

For more information about the AKASO Brave 7 LE, visit www.akasotech.com

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