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If you browse through any fishing magazine, catalog, or website you will see there are lots of new and innovative lures out there designed to help put a few more fish in the livewell. If those lures are successful, then many other companies are going to try to get in on the action by making their version of the lure. Well, in this article, we’d like to highlight a company that has made a few of their own successful products we’ve found to be some fish catching machines! The company is called A and M Baits. The following product reviews are from Six2Midnight team members Eric Ehn and Steve Basinger. They have a combined 15 years of experience with the A and M baits products.

The Halo Jig

This jig is certainly one of a kind. With a stiff plastic “halo” molded into the lead ball jig head, the jig comes through cover exceptionally well. The halo also allows the jig to sit up just like a crawfish in a “claws up” defensive position. The Halo Jig is available in a variety of weight and hook sizes and can be ordered in full or finesse skirt styles. Just like the Hookerhead jig (see below), the bait keeper is a tiny hook that is molded into the lead of the jig. The jig package contains a set of instructions showing you how to tie the jig to your line depending on the type of cover you are fishing. The action and how the jig will come through cover also depend on the tying option you choose.

“The magic is in the Halo. The first advantage is the Halo. It works by contacting structure and cover before the jig does, which rolls the hook away from that object. Snags are a thing of the past. The second advantage is that the Halo makes the jig lean forward, causing the trailer to stand upright. If you have never hunted for crayfish in the rocks, when a predator is near, they scoot away as far as they can and when that fails, their claws go up. You want the claws way up in the water when the bass is close. A and M Baits’ unique design perfectly imitates a crayfish and will put more fish in the boat”…Eric Ehn

Trigger Jig

If you want a unique looking jig, the Trigger Jig is exactly what you are looking for! On initial inspection, this jig looks like it would fit better in a circus than it would in a tackle box. But after the team put it to work on the water, we quickly became believers in it. Much like your run-of-the-mill jig, the Trigger Jig has a normal skirt but what sets it apart from the crowd is the skirt material that is sticking out of the jig head. Once the bait is in the water, the skirt fans out and flares similar to a mop jig but in a compact profile.

“This jig is the ultimate bed fishing jig. It’s small enough to hook up with the fish that just nab at the bait and has so much natural action when sitting still. This natural action makes it perfect for tossing it onto the bed and leaving it in one spot to drive those big female nuts!”… Steve Basinger.

Rubber Neck Jigs

The Rubber Neck Jig is a swing style jig with a football head weight and a free moving EWG worm hook. This jig can be ordered in various colors, weight sizes ranging from 1/4 to 1 oz., and hook sizes from 3/0 to 5/0. The best part is the price. They come in a pack of 5 for $7. We have yet to find any company that has that kind of a deal on swing head jigs!

“One of my favorite ways to cover water is with a jointed football jig towing a creature bait with it. The Rubberneck from A and M Baits is the best version I have used. It is easy to keep contact with the bottom of the lake and not worry about snagging because of the jointed head. They even have you covered in deep lakes because they are one of the few versions that run as heavy as 1oz. My favorite technique with this is to attach a big boot style swimbait to the 1oz version, using the 5/0 hook, and run that swimbait down a ledge for deep bass. Most jointed jigs function the same, but no other brand offers such a wide range of applications. From small craw styles to giant swimbaits, the Rubberneck has you covered.”…Eric Ehn

Hookerhead Jigs

This is A & M’s version of a shaky head jig. What makes theirs different is the use of a tiny fishing hook molded directly into the jig head a bait keeper. The Hookerhead is available in both round ball and football head styles in various colors. The head sizes range from 1/16 oz. to 5/8 oz. and hook sizes between 3/0 to 5/0.

“The bait keeper on this jig is phenomenal! After a day of skipping this jig under docks, I went through very few torn baits resulting in less money spent replacing those soft plastics.” …Steve Basinger

Screw locks, pins, and keepers, I’ve used them all and none of them hold your baits in place like the little hook used on the Hookerhead Jig. A and M Baits uses a small upside down hook, poured into the head, to hold your bait at the perfect angle in relation to the head. Your shaky head bait stays tail high and is rarely ripped out of place by fish or cover. For me, it’s an argument of efficiency. The less I have to mess with the alignment of the bait, the more I can have it in the water. It may seem like mere seconds of adjustments, but added up over a three day tournament, it’s a huge advantage to know your bait is running exactly how you want it.”…Eric Ehn

If you would like more info about this company or their products, you can click this link, A and M Baits . They also have soft plastics for incredible prices that come in packs of 25 baits!

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