X Zone Lures 3.5″ Adrenaline Craw Jr Released!

X Zone Lures 3.5″ Adrenaline Craw Jr Released!

Since the release of the 4.25″ Adrenaline Craw in early 2021, we have had great demand for a smaller version. We went straight to the drawing board to develop the 3.5″ Adrenaline Craw Jr.

After looking at it and debating whether any changes should be made, we came to the conclusion that we should not change a thing! We simply scaled the regular version down proportionally for a smaller profile.

Designed by Elite Series, X Zone Pro, Brandon Palaniuk – We know you are going to love it!

Click here to see all the colors available in this great new product release.

Link = https://www.xzonelures.com/shop/3-5-adrenaline-craw-jr-6119?category=114#attr=7300

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XZone Lures Adrenaline Craw

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