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Learn How To Get Sponsored For Fishing TournamentsWin a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift certificate!!

One of our many goals at Ultimate Bass is to get as many bass clubs connected on the site as possible. In obtaining that goal, we have done various advertising campaigns with some success, but we need your help to get the word out.

We are going to have a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Bass Pro!
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Well, dig deep into your pool of bass fishing friends and get the names of everyone that belongs to a bass club. Contact that person and convince them that a forum dedicated to their club members is something they need to try out. Here is a link to where it lists the details of what a club gets and how it can benefit them.

Bass Club Connection

Once they contact Laurie and set up a Club Connection Forum for their club and have 5 members sign up and post at least once, you will get an entry into the drawing.

There are no limits to the number of entries you obtain, and there are no geographical boundaries, meaning just because you live in New York doesn’t mean you can’t get a club in California to sign up.

Obviously the more clubs you get to sign up the better your chances, but since it is a drawing, even if you only get one club to sign up, you still have a shot at the gift certificate.

Ideas to get contacts!!

  • 1) Your Friends
  • 2) Other Forums (don’t spam the forum, but if you have contacts on other forums make sure to tell them about it)
  • 3) Newspapers – look in the sports sections to find the local clubs. There will usually be a contact name
  • 4) Search engines – but clubs that already have websites are more difficult to convince.
  • 5) Your friend’s friends
  • 6) Your local tackle stores
  • 7) Go to tournament weigh ins

I am sure you can think of a few different ideas as well. The best clubs to contact are the ones that are not already on line in some way. These clubs are usually looking for an avenue to get on line but can’t afford it, but Ultimate Bass will do it for free.

Oh yeah, make sure you and your contacts tell us who sent them. Contest will run from August 15th  through 31 October 2005.

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To be eligable to participate in this contest you must be a registered Ultimate Bass Member prior to August 15th, 2005, or belong to one of the clubs that is refered to Ultimate Bass by a current member. If you would like to become a Registered Member it only takes a few minutes of your time and all information remains private. Register Here!

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