Sept 2004 Monthly Contest

Photo Contest

We would like everyone to join in and enter their favorite bass fishing photo in the September Contest, as well as rate the pictures of others. The photo with the highest rating will be our winner!

Here is how it is going to work!

1. You have to be a member of the forum (our site) to participate in the contest.
2. You must upload your photo to the gallery (link below) and add it to the September Contest album.
3. The photo must be Bass Fishing related!
4. You can upload more than one picture if you like.
5. Your Member Name has to be included in the description of the picture.

1. Each of you are able to rate the pictures of others, we encourage you to do so.
2. You can only vote once per picture (the gallery will only let you vote once).
3. The photo with the highest rating will be declared the winner.
4. If there is more than one picture with the highet rating the tie will be broken by the number of votes the picture has recieved.
5. If the number of votes is also the same then the tie will be put to a vote by our staff and a winner will be declared.

1. Get your club members to sign up on the forum so that they can vote for your photo.
2. Get your family to join so that you can share your photos with them and they can vote for you.
3. Tell the people that you talk to on other message boards to check out the Ultimate Bass site and vote for your photo.

I just want to say thank you to those of you that participated in the September contest weather it be by posting your picture or by voting on the ones that were there or even by posting your comments. We really appreciate all of our members!

The results of the contest are as follows:

1. 1st 3.24lb submitted by mjluddenjr with a final rating of 4
2. My Hubby submitted by Mother Nature with a final rating of 3.4
3. 4 plus submitted by Mike with a final rating of 3.2
4. topwater lure submitted by Kentaro with a final rating of 3.1
5. Another 17 in LM bass for me!! submitted by FisherMOM with a final rating of 3
5. 16 inch LARGE nouth bass submitted by FisherMOM with a final rating of 3
5. A nice 17 inch largemouth submitted by FisherMOM with a final rating of 3
8. The Mighty Sea Sprite submitted by left_turn56 with a final rating of 2.9
9. Living to fight again submitted by Mike Noble with a final rating of 2

Congratulations mjluddenjr! You are our winner!!! and congratulations to everyone that participated…

You have won $50 in PJ Lures. PJ Lures can be found here at Ultimate Bass for purchase in our Bass Fishing Tackle Section.

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