Nov 2004 Monthly Contest

Post your fishing tips, everything from boats to worms. Whoever posts the most will win your choice of a $50 tackle pack or Charter Membership for one year and 2 Ultimate Bass Decals.

1. You can not post something that someone else has already posted in the November Contest Posts thread.
2. The tips must be bass fishing related.
3. The tips should include why they work and explain how they work.
4. The contest will close November 30th 2004 at 9pm.
5. All tips are subject to approval by Site Administration (Mother Nature, Mike, and Mike Noble).
6. All Ultimate Bass Members are eligable to win!

Have Fun and play to win!

Congratulations Fogy!

Results of the November Contest.  Final count to be certified by contest administrator.  It looks like we have a winner – fogy, but that is unofficial.

Fogy – 46 and 2 ?’s
Doc – 19 and 4 ?’s
BMiles – 16
FisherMoM – 6
Laurie – 5
HossierAngler – 3
CalinCalif50 – 2
bassadict – 1
Left_turn56 – 1
tgraham – 1
bassguy2004 – ?

A few of the winning tips from Fogy:

People put a trailer hook on a buzz-bait or a spinner bait, but have you ever used a trailer hook on a worm.  When using one of the 3X style 10in worms I feed the 1st hook throw the nose of the worm then put on a trailer hook & then TX pose the first hook in the worm & then do the same with the trailer.  This helps increase your odds of hook up when the fish are just nipping at the tail end of the worm.

If you don’t carry a tool kit in your vehicle or boat, check your vehicles lug wrench to ensure it fits the tire lugs on your trailer.  This is best done in your yard before a trip rather then on the side of the road & finding out you can’t change the tire.

When using a Carolina rig folks allways add beads and or clacker’s in front of the swivel.  This can also be done on a normal TX-Rig as well.  Very productive @ night or in heavily stain water by adding sound and movement to your other wise normal setup and helps the bass home in on your bait.

Thanks Fogy for your participation! You have won a $50 gift pack including spinnerbaits and jig from Dandy Baits, and Quick Scent fish attrectant.

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