Milestone of 50,000 Posts

Milestone of 50,000 Posts Reached On Ultimate Bass Fishing Reports Forum

March 9th, 2005 – On Saturday March 5th at about 11:25 a.m. a forum member by the user name of Tackle Tester posted the 50,000th post on  Tackle Tester, an member from Indiana posted a reply he was participating in on the subject of spinnerbaits.  His post that got him the 50,000th post was simply "hammered blades."

While others were attempting to make the 50,000th post in various areas of the informative discussion board, the instant the milestone was reached by Tackle Tester all other members on the forum sent congratulatory messages to him instantly.

The web site prides itself on being "A community built for people that love to fish – By people who love to fish."  In addition, the site has truly established itself as unique, in that it offers little advertising interruption to members and visitors. And assists bass clubs by setting up forums for their members only.

Currently has over 850 members and has added more then 100 in the last 30 days.  Members or visitors can find answers to their questions that are already posted in the discussion board or can get them rapidly from the willing to help members, by simply "posting" in the "Casting Deck" or "Boat Ramp."  

Mike & Laurie Cork, known as "Father Time" & "Mother Nature" respectively on the discussion forum are the proud owners of  They have worked hard at building a fishing site that provides useful bass fishing information, and is friendly at the same time, are excited to see this milestone reached. 

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