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2010 Tips Contest Winner Prize Pack

Each of the four seasons brings about a contest in the General Tips section of the Ultimate Bass forums. Each tip that has been posted for the past 3-4 months is eligible to win a huge prize pack. It’s simple to win, post your tips in the forum and when the next contest rolls around be sure to nominate the one you like best. Then Ultimate Bass Members will vote on them to pick a winner!

Our latest Tips contest winner is Lawguy513 and will enjoy a prize pack that includes a variety of products from our current and past site sponsors.

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Lawguy513 won all these great prizes for sharing this tip:

Many of us boaters get frustrated with other boaters who are slow loading and unloading their boat on the trailer. Here are a few tips to help speed up your process. The most important thing is to think ahead and be prepared. Some of this includes modifying your setup. I have a boat buddy (available at many sporting stores including Bass Pro, for around $60) on my trailer. This is extremely helpful in loading the boat. I also have transom straps that are on a built in ratchet system that stay connected to the boat. When I prepare to go fishing, I will make sure my batteries are fully charged with my on board charger. When hooking the boat up to my truck, I “walk circles”. I start with handling everything at the tongue, and then move to the back of the boat, where I tilt the motor up. This is when I make sure the plug is in!! I then complete my walk around, in the process making sure the lights work and the tires are properly inflated. After making sure the on board charger is unplugged and the trailer jack is up, then you are ready to go. When you get to the launch, you should not just pull up to the ramp unless you are putting the boat directly in the water. I always pull to the side, undo my front and transom straps, remove the motor support, unlock my hatches, get my life jackets out, set up the electronics, then hop into my seat, giving my driver the thumbs up. In a matter of 30 seconds, I am in the water, with the motor running, and we are ready to run. When we are leaving, I have the truck driver set the boat buddy, and put the trailer in at the proper depth. I drive up until I hear the click of the boat buddy, and then we pull out of the water. We then go to a parking spot or some other out-of-the-way spot, and finish strapping down the boat. This is when those transom straps are really worth the money! Also, if you are putting in or pulling out in the dark, do Mike Cork a favor and turn off your headlights!
My brother and I have been able to complete the loading and unloading process usually in 1/4 of the time we see others do it. Not that we are special, just well prepared. I hope this helps you be better prepared for your next trip.

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