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Ultimate Bass is proud to announce our weekly cartoon caption contest. All Ultimate Bass members are eligable to participate. Just click this link to see this weeks cartoon and to give us your submission to the contest.

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Cartoon Caption Contest

Cartoon Caption Contest

Give this bass fishing cartoon a caption!

This contest will end on November 07, 2005
All entries will be considered
Please use the form below to submit your Cartoon Caption
Only Members of the site are authorized to participate.
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You were right, the 1 oz. spinnerbait caught bigger fish!

"What’s that ruling on the slot limit again??"

Can you make me a model right now so I can finish catching & releasing this thing?

……and that’s why you don’t prefish the day before a big bass tourney.

Dang Jethro….that’s a nice rod you got there!

Now do you believe me?

You should have seen the one that got away!

Heck NO! You Lip Him.

Do you have a good recipe for hushpuppies?

UMMM…Have you got something with a larger livewell?

Can I please borrow a filet knife?

Can we get my boat out of there?

How big is your deep fryer?

Got Batter?

This is a problem, My new boat is still inside with my wife in it too!

How much per inch to mount this baby.

I told you that line was to strong to pan fish with!

Is this a crappie?

Hey, Joe, do you have any more of those Gambler Lures Ugly Otters? They kind of work but don’t tell no one else, OK…

"Know what Clyde ? That new braid stuff does everything they say! But somebody ‘gotta make a bigger net !

"Honest Fred , he didn’t give me much of a fight at all "! The real battle started after I lipped ’em…

Weigh-in was WHAT time?

"Can I keep this one? Oh! Pretty please"

Their bitein on the blue and white jet ski’s today.

I spilled a little MegaStrike on my hand and he’s been following me ever since.

Ya think I oughta let my partner out before we weigh it?

"__ and my buddy Jonah was tying a lure on my line".

You sold me the bait, you remove the hook.

"Got any extra long needle nose pliers?"

i would like to enter the big bass contest

"Quick call 911, my buddy is still in there gettin his fav lure"

Hey Skipper, can I borrow a pair of pliers and a ladder

…And my buddy Jonah was tying a bait on my line.

"I wasn’t mak’n fun of you!" "What I said was" ,,,,"My you got a big BASS there"!

"Nope ! ,,,wasn’t use’n no bait ,,just a bare red hook !"



Stop gauking and help me get this in the car, GEEZ

Hey Bubba, ya got any scales?

What aisle do you keep the Jaws of Life?

Hey Bubba, you got anymore of them Ugly Otters?

He is looking for his son and wants to ask you about that wall mount.

Yep I caught him on a top water, a black glitter Ranger I was towing in with my Legend

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