Aug 2004 Monthly Contest

Our Winners were Trey with the closest guess of 9:45 am September 10th, and DAWG with this post, posted at 3:35:18 pm September 10th.
Congratulations goes out to both of them for a job well done! Check out their profiles to see who the winners are and try posting in the bass fishing forum. We have a great group of members that are looking for others to share their bass fishing information with!
Here is the latest contest for our members.  Please read all of the instructions as they are very important.

As you know, post number 5,000 came on July 8, 2004 at 7:50:40 p.m.  This contest is to see who can get the closest guess to when the 10,000 post will happen. 

Here are the rules:

A.  Only members are allowed to participate.
B.  Each member is allowed 5 guesses.
C.  You can enter up to 5 times until August 31, 2004…no more guesses after that date.
D.  You must post the date and time.  You may break the time down into "seconds"….note the time of post 5,000.

HINT:  You might want to hold some guesses until close to the end of August to see how the numbers are running.

The winner of this contest will receive a one year "Charter Membership" to the Bass Fishing Reports web site.  (For more information on being a "Charter Member", see below.)

NOTE:  The person making the 10,000th post will also receive a one year "Charter Membership".  If you make the 10,000th post, you cannot win the contest.  In this event, the second closest guess will be the winner.

1. Charter Members will have access to the Charter Members Only Support Area on this forum. All board issues and problems posted there will recieve priority. And there will be a place for them to make suggestions on additions to the forum. It is available now, "You will only be able to see this and use it if they are a charter member"

2. Your name in the "Who’s Online" list at the bottom will appear in Maroon to signify your Charter Member Status.

3. You will also recieve special fish shaped icons rather than stars on the side bar.

4. You will see "Charter Member" listed in the side bar under your name.

5. You can have a "Custom Title" listed in the side bar. You can check out Sam’s side bar to see where the Custom Title Area is. "You can add a special saying there if you like".

6. A Special banner will be added to your side bar to signify that you are a supporter of the forum.

I am working on a special downloads area for the charter members also and that should be up soon.


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