Mark Daniels’ 5 fitness tips

Mark Daniels Jr., a.k.a. MDJ, is an Alabama transplant from California. After a successful career on the FLW Tour, MDJ finished third in the Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year race in 2017. One of the keys to MDJ’s success? Physical fitness. Spending 200-plus days on the go, staying fit can be difficult.

“I’ve noticed a huge difference over the past year — from not working out and not watching what I eat to then becoming a lot more conscious about staying active and watching what I put in my mouth,” Daniels says. “If you want to stay competitive the entire day and not fatigued—to avoid making bad casts and (losing mental sharpness), you need to be physically fit.

“These are all workouts that you can take your lunch break at work and fit in. There is never an excuse to not do anything physical, other than the simple fact you just don’t want to do it.”

Here are his favorite quick exercises and tips for eating right on the go.

Photo: Mark Daniels Jr.

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