Iyobe and Roumbanis update

Ken Iyobe started the day in fifth place with 17-11 and so far has two keepers in the box today. His total today is roughly 4 1/2 pounds or so, which is the best I’ve seen or heard from the top five. Iyobe is another one of the anglers fishing around the marina area. A lot of rocks, docks and cover to fish around. This is also the calmest part of the lake today. Iyobe’s two-day total is roughly 22 1/2 to 23 pounds, so just a few more bites could yield a Top 12.

Fred Roumbanis started the day in third with 18-8 and at 9:15 he idled into the marina. He didn’t have any fish to his Day 2 credit and was looking for an easy fish or two. That didn’t happen, and after an hour he left and headed up the lake to his normal spots, which weren’t optimal for the winds this morning.

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Author: Ronnie Moore

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