Day 1 has begun

Welcome to Day 1 on the Kissimmee Chain, where the sunrise was beautiful, the bass are biting and so are the mosquitos! 

Throughout practice we’ve seen a constant flow of big bass pics come across this blog. Today the question is how many will come to weigh-in stage? 

That’s a good question. 

Until now the wind has played a major factor in accessing many of the final pre-spawn staging areas. Today is a different story. The winds are calm. And the temperature will rise to it’s warmest all week, following the brief cold snap. 

One of the many scenarios that could pan out is timing for any moves by spawning females. Should a wave of big girls move up that likely will happen later today. Normally, in a tournament with 200 boats, getting a late takeoff time is a downer. Not here. Having the extra time to fish up until a 5 p.m. weigh-in time could be the perfect timing. And some anglers might be forced to leave a good bite. 

It will be easy to tell whether or not such a scenario pans out later today at the weigh-in. I did speak with Bobby Lane, Jr. prior to takeoff. He was all smiles, considering his fifth boat out starting position. On the flip side, getting to undisturbed water first might be a payoff. 

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Author: Craig Lamb

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