16 new soft baits for bass fishing

Do-It Molds 4-inch Tango Tube

This single cavity tube mold pours ribbed tube baits that are perfect for rigging with a tapered tube skirt jig internally, or rigging texposed on a worm hook. The ribbed body of the tube is perfect for adding and holding scent and gives the bait a slow fall, unique action, and added vibration that set it apart from other tubes. The 4-inch Tango Tube lends itself to be poured with any of Do-It’s 3 spline options, whether it be the standard spline, the squiggle 6 or the spike 15 spline, the Tango Tube can be poured to give you the action and profile you are looking for. Varying sized tube inserts also give you the ability to customize the thickness of the head for varying applications. MSRP: $69

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