UltimateBass.com Opens Door

In an effort to help Fishing Guides and Fishing Charter Services, increase their businesses, UltimateBass.com has announced it will provide a FREE listing for the Guide/Charter Service in exchange for fishing reports.

UltimateBass.com provides fishing reports for each state in the U.S. and sees this opportunity as a way to help guide/charter services, who traditionally have limited funds for advertising and marketing, gain prime exposure in exchange for fishing reports and information for the over 54,000 monthly visitors.

"We do have a small $25.00 annual listing fee if the guide/ charter service is not interested in providing fishing reports, but if they post the fishing reports it also gives them more exposure on the forums, which in turn provides additional exposure, and possibly more business by posting these reports," said UltimateBass.com owner Laurie Cork.


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