Twin Cities Tournament Results

The Twin Cities Team Club fished their September tournament at Lake Bistineau from Port-o-Bistineau launch. Blast off was held at 6:32 a.m. under clear skies with no wind and a glassy surface. Competitors fished from as far south as Bossier slough to as far north as the channel past marker 113. It appeared as if most anglers chose to run south with only two boats heading north. Water conditions varied across the lake with the draw down conditions. Water was more stained up north and cleared the farther south one went and water temps ranged from 80 to 85 over the course of the day.

Bistineau had already claimed one boat from the club on a previous fruit jar tournament and was to claim another before the end of the day. Stumps that hadn’t been seen since the last draw down were visible, yet it was the ones that still haven’t been seen that were the menaces. At the start of the day George and Rhonda Perez were already at a disadvantage due the lost of the new Triton, and were forced to fish out of "the loaner" Tidecraft. Their day would end early due to a trolling motor malfunction. It was Brian Walters and Terry Fielder’s day for trouble. I (Dave) was fishing just out of skinner slough when they (Brian and Terry) rounded a turn and had to slow for a smaller boat that was overloaded. As they attempted to get back on plane is when I heard that loud bang as they found the submerged stump. After a few minutes of looking and taping (yes I said taping-Electrical tape will fix most anything for a while), they were directed up to a spot just below the launch, which by the way got them a very nice fish.

Weigh was held at just after 3 pm when all boats were out of the water and on the trailers. Big bass went to Brian and Terry with a fish that weighed in at 6.50 lbs, and was caught on a hoodaddy in about 4 ft of water. Third place went to Brian and Terry with a weight of 14.51 lbs. They reported catching fish in 1 to 4 ft of water on a combination on worms in red shad and junebug colors.

Second place went to Mike Noble (Ron is absent due to Military duties in defense of our country) with a weight of 15.72 lbs. Mike states he caught his fish on Chartreuse and white spinnerbaits in 1 to 4 feet of water as well. He also states he caught his best fish on a worm after missing the fish on four repeated casts with the spinnerbait. Ron should know that his partner is holding down the fort for their team during his absence.

First place went to Chris Wayand and Greg Korkoske just edging out Mike with a weight of 15.79 lbs. Both reported catching their fish on a combination of white spinnerbaits and chrome Bandit crankbaits in 4 ft of water along the channel edge, two of which I personally saw them catch. Those boys sure can catch fish and look good while doing it in that pretty ProCraft boat.

Congratulations to all the teams that placed and to the teams that made it back to weigh-in in one piece. The next tournament is going to be on October 2nd and it looks like it will be held at Caddo Lake. For further information email Mike Noble at

David Welch

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