Twin Cities Team Club Results

The Twin Cities Team Club met in the morning on Sunday May 1st at Sue’s Kountry Kitchen for breakfast, conversation and to draw the "mystery lake" for the tournament. After the elimination drawings, Caddo Lake was chosen and Shady Acres was chosen as the launch site. Blast off was at 6:11 a.m. with 10 teams represented and weigh-in set for 3:00 p.m.

Conditions for the Tournament were: Bluebird skies, post-front conditions, morning air temps in the upper 40’s and a water temp in the mid to upper 60’s. By the end of the day the air temps were up to the mid 70’s and water temps were up to the mid 70’s as well. Variable winds were noted to be calm to approximately 10mph.

At the weigh-in Mike Noble and Fogy claimed 3rd place with a weight of 5.52 lbs. Their fish were caught on a white Terminator Titanium spinnerbait and an 8” Zoom Lizard in Pumpkin/Chartreuse. "We caught a  limit of 5 weigh fish, 1 dink, and 1 slot fish".

Second place went to Mike and Laurie Cork with a weight of 10.02. Their fish were caught on Pop-R’s and watermelon/brown jigs.  The Pop-R’s were fished real close to the trees as the fish had pulled in tight to cover. "We had to cast past the trees and kind-a pull the slack line by the tree to work the bait up next to the tree". "The fish were really hammering the baits, almost swallowing it". "We didn’t catch our first fish till 10:00".

First place and big bass went to the team of Papa and Trey Cella with a weight of 16.26 and big bass of 5.23. Their fish were caught on a Charlie swimbait and a green pumpkin centipede in 3-5 ft of water on scattered trees. "We caught 4 of our keepers by 8 am. on the swimbait. We were waking it on top with a constant retrieve with the rod-tip held high."

The next Twin Cities Team Club tournament will be held on June 5th. Voting is on going at  Also, don’t forget the UltimateBass Club Shootout on Grand Bayou June 25th and 26th.

Dave the Dope Man

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