Top Water Revolution

I know it’s been a while since my last article and I apologize, but this article I strongly feel will help to revolutionize the “Top Water” fishing industry as we know it today.

I have invented a brand new type of top water bait (actually, a full bait line) that is truly amazing. With over thirty five years of bass fishing experience, I have had a chance to use just about every type of bait that has ever been developed for top water fishing, including spooks, frogs, poppers, soft jerk baits, ghosts, and rats, just to name a few. Now, the only problem with top water baits is that you can only work certain ones in certain areas at certain times right? For example, a top water popper is by far one of the most exciting baits an angler can use (in my case, I have to include a Zara Spook with the popper) because of the spittin’ action and the movement of the bait. If these baits are worked properly, WOW! Hold on, the fight is on. But on the flip side, they are very hard to work over matted grass, in lily pads, stick-ups, reeds, overhangs, or just about anywhere unless there is open water pockets because of the exposed treble hooks. I can’t begin to tell you how over the past 10 years of how many of my 3-day bass fishing school students struggle because they can’t get the movement, spittin’ action, but mostly keep getting hung up in the vegetation when trying to work certain top water baits, sound familiar?

Now, after 15 years of developing a line of “Top Water” baits that you will find so amazing and so workable in all types of vegetation we finally got a patent pending on our bait line and hopefully these baits will be on the market soon.

Now, I’m sure most of you caught the last paragraph when stating the following words of “WE” and “OUR” right? Let me explain…. In the early spring of 2009 I was surfing the web looking for certain baits that I have used for many years (as well as teach my bass fishing school students with) and I went to the Nemire Lures website. Nemire Lures, owned by Al Lundstrom at Katchmor Company, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with their Spoon Buzzer, Spin Ripper, and a few others’s which have been famous for many years. Anyway, I requested a product sponsorship from the Katchmor Company because of using their baits to teach with (as well as for personal use) and shortly after the request I had a chance to talk with the man himself, Al Lundstrom. After talking with Al awhile, I began to get a good feeling of loyalty, honesty, and most of all sincerity, so I mentioned my lure design to him and the whole concept behind the whole bait line, and to my surprise Al was very excited of about what I had. After mentioning to Al that I had a Patent Pending on my lures he immediately jumped on the band wagon, especially with my full line of brand new lures that have never been seen before. Now Al is the kind of fellow that is very knowledgeable in the fishing industry, in fact some of his products have even won awards at ICAST (an annual expo based on product line and development of fishing lures and baits) and with him being a expert in the manufacturing of fishing lures and design we became partners and have put together what is now known as a brand name “Bass Coach Lures.”

Wait, there’s more to the story (-: With our product line of baits, we will now have the ultimate “Top Water” baits. Every angler will not fish without them because of their unique ability to spit water, have that incredible movement we all hope to get out of our baits, and best of all being able to work them in the thickest cover and vegetation without getting hung up (because when rigged properly, they’re ALL WEEDLESS baits.) Now, what’s more exciting still is that a very nice fellow by the name of Ray (owner of Zorn Molds) who has been around the fishing industry for many years and has been affiliated with many of the “Major League” bait companies in the past stated that our baits are GREAT!, and should revolutionize the fishing market as we know it today.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited my 3-day bass fishing school students, charter clients, and many of my close angler friends are with our new baits. Hopefully (Lord Willing) they will be on the market in the very near future. We are presently looking for a financial partner to help us get the Bass Coach Lures on the National market as quickly as possible so anglers can experience top water fishing like never before!

If you may be interested in jumping on the band wagon as a investor (and even a possibility of becoming part of the Bass Coach Lures) you can contact Al Lundstrom at Katchmor Co’s (home of Nemire Lures) at or call (480) 860-8551 or call me (The Bass Coach) Roger Lee Brown at (518) 597-4240 or email me at

Until next time as always, take care & God bless!
“The Bass Coach” – Roger Lee Brown

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