The Rod Glove keeps growing!

Cody Meyer

As 2010 has progressed, The Rod Glove has seen several areas experience growth. One of the major events that have happened in the last few weeks has been the addition of some household names in the fishing industry.

As everyone who is participates in the sport bass fishing knows that to be considered as a legitimate professional, sponsors are a necessity. These anglers not only represent their sponsors, they actually believe in the products they make. Why wouldn’t they??? These pros go out every day and they need every aspect of their equipment to perform up to the level they do. So the companies that they choose to symbolize are serious decisions.

One of those pros that chose to make the great product that The Rod Glove produces is none other than Jared Lintner. In the short time of 6 years the Arroyo Grande, CA resident has been fishing with the Bassmasters, he has amassed over half a million dollars. Obviously, rods are vital to all fishermen and protecting them is a must. Jared Lintner took action towards this goal of rod protection and started using The Rod Glove’s rod sleeves. As stated above, if Jared is willing to allow his name to be associated with a product, it is going to have to perform and hold up in the tough conditions, no matter what comes up.

To add to the growth of The Rod Glove, there is another well-known figure out on the FLW tour, Mr. Cody Meyer. After switching from co-angler to professional after the 2006 season in FLW, Cody has rounded up over $350,000! Needless to say, he is making his way up the chain quickly and has no sign of slowing down. Being from Grass Valley, CA, big rods are a big deal. But without proper protection, any rod, despite how big it may be, is vulnerable to wear and tear that could be prevented with a simple tool, as The Rod Glove.

All in all, despite all the ruckus about the economy not making a comeback anytime soon, businesses that provide a product that is really up to what a company states them to be, continue to thrive. The Rod Glove has shown that providing a product that has unsurpassed quality, yet still at an affordable price is what people are seeking.

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