The Night Before The Big Day

Shreveport is going to be teaming with bass fishing enthusiasts over the next few days. We hope that our coverage will help those of you that can’t be here feel like you are a little closer to the action here at the 2009 Bassmaster Classic.

Tonight gathered together were some of the top professional anglers in the nation in one room at what was probably their last chance to take a deep breathe. Three long days lay in front of each of them with the most coveted title of bass fishing on the line. Everyone that we talked to was optimistic about the tournament and we look forward to talking to those same people tomorrow at weigh-in.

This afternoon these same anglers talked about the water fishing small, how important it was to eliminate water, and that you needed to be able to maintain your confidence coming into a tournament of this size. At this evening’s event they were a little more casual but as always, really great people to talk to.

Gerald Swindle MC’ed the event sponsored by Triton, Mercury, Motorguide, Sam’s Town, Evan Williams and Costa Del Mar. Swindle held a Trivia Contest for the Media and the winners were given some very nice prizes from the sponsors. It was a great event. I look forward to tomorrow and will let you know how the show is, hopefully with some photos…

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