TCTC Tournament Results

The Twin Cities Team Club fished its November Tournament on Nov 6th at the Red River out of Clarks Marina. Blast off was at 6:13 am with weigh-in set for 3pm. Weather conditions for the day started off with a low of 64 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy and a light wind out of the south. By the end of the day, conditions had changed very little with a high of 84 degrees, partly cloudy skies, and winds out of the south/south west 5 to 8 mph. Water temps varied from 65 to 69 degrees, and clarities from gin clear to stained depending on area.

Teams ran as far north as the water treatment plant in South Shreveport and as far South as locking through and going about 2 miles south of the locks. We had two new teams fishing with us, Ed Wilson and Dick Monett made up one of the teams and the second team was Wayne Horne and Scott Meyers. We welcome these new teams and members to the club and the web-site.

At the end of the day at weigh in all kinds of stories flew around about what types of baits and lures caught fish such as from Mike Noble, "chrome Crank baits and Wobble heads", and from Dick Wilson "magnum mudbugs in heavy grass". But it was the Spinnerbait the won out taking 1st and 2nd places.

1st place went to the new team of Ed Wilson and Dick Monett with a weight of 10.51. They had a nice 2.60 lb bass to show for their efforts, and reported catching fish on Spinnerbiats, Red Shad worms, and Crank baits. Congratulations to them both on winning.

2nd place went to the team of Mike Noble and Ron Fogelson (who is absent due to military duties) with a weight of 9.42 lbs. Mike reports catching all his fish on white ¼ and 3/8th oz spinnerbaits. Ron has some mighty big thanking due upon his return from duty; Mike has done a great job keeping his team high in the standings by himself.

3rd place went to the team of George and Rhonda Perez with a weight of 7.85 lbs. George reports catching his fish on a chrome/black back Crank bait and a green pearl fluke around pads. George did a great job for his team as well, considering that his team mate decided to spend her morning in the woods looking for that early season deer. No reports were heard if she bagged one or not but, we wish her good luck.

Big bass went to the team of Wayne Horne and Scott Meyers, with a weight of 3.61 lbs. Wayne reported catching his fish on a white ¼ oz Spinnerbait.

After weigh in, new club business was discussed. Location for the UltimateBass Club Shootout has been changed to Toledo Bend. Launch site will be the State park south for both days. The dates for the UBCS have remained unchanged. Hurricane Rita is the reason for the change. For more information look under the UBCS thread on the bass fishing forums.

The Ultimatebass Rally is still scheduled for May the 18th thru 21st at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee at Sunset marina. Cabins need to be reserved soon to ensure availability.

During the last month or so the club has been voting on rules and rules changes with the following results. We will fish 12 months of the year, we will continue the $15 new member fee, and there will be no mandatory mystery lake for ’06.

More new business that all the members need to know is that starting at the end of this tournament, James Teer will now be the point of contact for the Twin Cities Team Club. Mike Noble is stepping down as president. Anyone needing to contact James should send email to him at

Voting in now active for December’s tournament on the board (,7229.0.html), make sure you vote for the lake of your choice and click on submit, then click on reply and let us know that you voted and what lake you voted for and if you are voting for your team. The next tournament is set for December the 4th (Pearl Harbor day). Looking forward to seeing everyone there, until then Fair Winds and Following Seas

Dave the Dope Man

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