TABC Top Six Championship

The Texas Association of Bass Clubs Top Six State Championship was held under two different weather conditions and at two different lakes in Central Texas this weekend.  Lake Belton and Stillhouse Lake is about as different in structure and aquatic vegetation as one may perceive; Belton has rocky points,  deep structure whereas Stillhouse has grassy points and islands.  A well kept secret is the quality of fishing at these two lakes.

TABC teams that had qualified through their clubs sent 4 two angler teams to participate in the State Top Six Championship with the  lower weight of the fourth boat dropped each day. Saturday the sun was out, the weather was warm, but not extremely so, whereas on Sunday, light rain and cooler weather prevailed. Each day anglers in two boats from each club fished a different lake.

A drive through weigh-in was held at the EXPO Center in Belton and a boat show also was held at the same time for anglers and visitors to view both.  Spectators enjoyed the indoor activities and appreciated the opportunity to see the angler’s fish.  Door prizes were provided by the participating teams, Belton Chamber of Commerce, Marine Outlet, Legend Boats, Travis Boating Center and TABC.  Belton Chamber of Commerce hosted a Directors event on Friday evening and then a meal for all TABC anglers on Saturday evening.  Legend Boats and Marine Outlet provided lunch on Sunday. A raffle of outstanding and quality sporting items was held with MinnKota providing a MinnKota trolling motor and a three bank battery charger as part of the raffle items.

Eight club teams received cash payouts with the Top Six receiving trophies and checks. The State Championship team not only received trophies but also received State Championship patches, a MinnKota trolling motor, a State Championship Traveling Trophy, and a payout of $1872.

The winners, weights and payouts were as follows.  (payout was based on 80% of the entry fees).

1 River City Bass Club  59.42 lbs $1872 + MinnKota Trolling Motor
2 Humble Bass Club  57.75  $1092
3 Tempest Bass Club  57.39  $ 905
4 S.A.P.D. Bass Busters  56.97  $ 718
5 Austin Christian Bass Club 56.34  $ 593
6 Canyon Bass Club #1  55.92  $ 500
7 TI BC of Central TX  54.37  $ 300
8 Hub City West TX Anglers 52.67  $ 300

Big Bass payout was 100% and the anglers catching such were:

      Leroy  Kunz  8.05
      Mike Woods  6.69
      Andy Labay  6.48
      Jerry Wallace  7.64
      Jody Haywood  6.20
      Blair Sanders  5.96

Sponsors of the TABC Top Six State Championship  were the Belton Chamber of Commerce, Travis Boating Center,  Waypoint Marine,  Marine Outlet, Legend Boats, Tempest Rods.

Additional information re: all TABC teams and standings can be found later on the TABC webpage:

There were no problems encountered with the administered polygraph tests.

Dr. James E. Wright, President, TABC

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