Sunline Signs Swindle

Sunline America is proud to announce that it has signed Gerald Swindle to its’ pro staff. Gerald will join some of the best anglers in the world that make up the Sunline America pro staff. Swindle brings a full list of accolades to the Sunline pro staff including 12 Classic appearances and 2004 BASS Angler of Year.

Nubuyoki Kajio, President of Sunline America says;” I believe Gerald will become a great part of the Sunline team. He is a very accomplished and popular angler that will be a great asset in raising awareness of the Sunline brand in the US market. Sunline America and its parent company Sunline Japan are committed to growing the popularity of Sunline products in the US market. Sunline’s pro staff members have numerous wins on both major tours over the last couple years and we expect Gerald will add to that total in 2012 with the help of Sunline products”.

Gerald Swindle adds “I am thrilled to be a part of the Sunline pro staff. Sunline has a superior product and it will help me fish too the best of my ability. I look forward to having the confidence to know if I can get the fish to bite, I can get them in the boat. What do the bass and I have in common? We have both been caught by the world’s best fluorocarbon, Sunline.”

Sunline gives you The Strength To Guarantee Your Confidence.
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