Sebile wins 3 Best of Show at EFTEX

SEBILE Innovative Fishing, an international company, won a total of three awards for SEBILE’s fishing products at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX), the international sportfishing trade show hosted this year in Valencia Spain. SEBILE won Best Hard Lure for its D&S Crank, Best Metal Lure for its Pro-Shad Spinnerbait and Best Accessory for SEBILE’s Soft Weight System.

EFTTEX is a trade-only exhibition, not open to the public. This year, 248 vendors exhibited their sportfishing products at EFTTEX.

New products entered into the annual competition are judged by outdoor writers, editors, other media members, wholesale and retail store buyers in attendance. Awards are based on innovation, usability, design, quality, practicality and value for the money. The Best of Show winners are announced at a gala industry-wide reception.

SEBILE faced stiff competition from many of the largest tackle companies in the world, some of which have been in business 25, 50, 75 or more years. SEBILE’s triple win came only days after the company’s fourth USA sales anniversary. The first fishing product sold by SEBILE was on June 10, 2006. Since then, SEBILE has produced over 3 million fishing lures.

SEBILE is no stranger to the winner’s circle. Last year in 2009 in Orlando, Florida at the American Sportfishing Association’s International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST), which is the world’s largest sportfishing industry trade show, SEBILE was winner of Best Hard Bait for its Spin Shad and Best Soft Bait for its Magic Swimmer Soft. It was the first and only time that one company has ever won both hard and soft lure categories in ICAST’s 41 year history.

In 2008 at EFTTEX in Rome, Italy, SEBILE also won Best Hard Lure for its innovative Stick Shad Blood Red series.

Based on its win at EFTTEX in 2008, its double win at ICAST in 2009 and three wins this year at EFTTEX in Spain, SEBILE certainly continues to be the most innovative lure company in the world in 2010 and beyond.

“At SEBILE, we position ourselves at the very sharpest leading edge of the fishing tackle evolution in the world today, always there and nowhere else,” says company founder, CEO and lure designer, Patrick Sebile.

Next, SEBILE will be exhibiting its innovative products at ICAST in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 16-18, 2010. SEBILE plans to enter another of its incredible new lure designs into ICAST competition, the A.T. Worm. “This is not just one more worm. It works on all terrain (why it’s called A.T.) and under all conditions. It has unique new features and benefits for anglers, which will be revealed next month to all in attendance at ICAST,” says Patrick Sebile.

About SEBILE Innovative Fishing

SEBILE Innovative Fishing (SEBILE) is headquartered in Palmer Lake, Colorado with product distribution in over forty countries.

Patrick Sebile is CEO, founder and product designer for his namesake tackle company, which he started in 2006.

Patrick has landed over 600 species of fish in fresh and salt water in 63 countries, and he has designed and developed the company’s entire product line of sportfishing tackle based on his vast experience as an angler and as an engineer/designer, including designing fishing products for over twenty years for other major tackle companies prior to founding his own company.

An International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Representative, Patrick is a dedicated conservationist of fish and their habitats. Sebile has written seven books on fishing and hundreds of articles. His photo has graced over 150 fishing magazine covers. At one time or another, he has held 300 IGFA, European and French fishing records.

He currently lives in Colorado where his company is headquartered, but Sebile spends most of his time at large touring the world’s waters with outdoor journalists, professional guides and renowned anglers worldwide.

SEBILE is not a typical company that produces common styles and currently popular tackle as copy makers in the industry do; but SEBILE researches, tests and offers anglers unique products that are one-of-a-kind and that truly “speak” to the fish more than to the angler, and that is a big part of the success that SEBILE baits have had in the short time the company has been in business.

Russell Gray, Chief Operating Officer
Sebile USA
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