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For big game fish, seven metal-reinforced and ultra-rigged monster lures added to SEBILE’s predator-proof Salt & Sun Series. For 2011, SEBILE is offering anglers some of the smallest, newest light tackle hard baits in its line (the new, diminutive Spin Shad #0 and 0.5, Crankster MR 35, Flatt Shad 35 SK and 42 SK), and SEBILE is also offering some of the biggest, strongest, most heavily reinforced and rigged hard baits on the planet for 2011. You’d be wrong to think that SEBILE is a company of extremes though. For 2011, SEBILE is simply extending the already wide range of its full product line to encompass more models and more options for fishing for any species, from the biggest to the smallest, from the most wary to the most aggressive, found in any body of water, moving or still, shallow or deep, in any region or country, in fresh or saltwater, there’s now a SEBILE range of lures for all predators on the planet!

About the Salt & Sun Series
The Salt & Sun series is Patrick Sebile’s answer, after years of trophy fishing experience, to solve the problems that trophy anglers have faced many times while fighting big fish. The fact is our strong opponents can free themselves many times because they can break the body of a conventional hard lure or open its hooks, uncurl the split rings or pull out the hook hangers or line tie eye, because these parts are not strong enough to handle such fighting pressures. Some predators have such razor sharp or cutting teeth that they can go right through most lures. SEBILE’s Salt & Sun range is dedicated to catching these big game fish. Salt & Sun lures have reinforced bodies, the hooks used are chosen because they are the strongest ones available, the split rings are real heavy duty to protect against opening, and then the injected plastic body itself is filled with solid foam. So even if the tough outer shell of the lure gets punctured, the foam-filled body still works as usual and will keep on catching trophy after trophy for as long as it lasts – and that’s much longer than any mere ordinary lure! This is why your SEBILE lures aren’t afraid of the most ferocious adversary, and endure even hard, toothsome bites – when it’s the SEBILE Salt & Sun series, it will resist, last and catch even more big fish!

About the Koolie Minnow Long Lip 240 Salt & Sun
Designed to be the deepest diver on the seven seas! Thanks to its humped back, flattened belly and bridged lip, it pulls less on the rod than other deep divers that only reach half its diving depth. So you can troll it deep, really deep, deeper than ever before without the rod-straining hassle where you must set the drag almost to the maximum to be able to troll it. The body is reinforced with an internal stainless steel metal plate that connects the hooks and eye, along with monstrous wide open hooks mounted on ball bearing swivels. A must-have for deep blue water trolling as well as for all trophy gamefish anywhere in salt and freshwater.

Model Size Weight Type Trolling Line Test MSRP
Koolie Minnow LL 240 S&S 9-1/2″ / 240mm 7-3/4 oz / 220g Floating ≤80 ft 50 to 130 lb $53.00

About the Bonga Jerk 215 Salt & Sun
The Bonga Jerk 215 brings a new dimension to seagoing lures. This is a true king-sized lure dedicated to the largest ocean predators. Able to be trolled up to 22 knots with a flat low line, this bait is usable at any speed. Its swimming action moves a lot of water thanks to its Power Keel, making it an easy target recognizable from long distance in bluewater. Extra reinforced thanks to an internal stainless steel metal plate that connects the hooks and eye with huge, single wide open hooks mounted on heavy duty ball bearing swivels so fish can’t get leverage during the fight.

Model Size Weight Type Level Trolling Speed (max with flat line) Line Test MSRP
Bonga Jerk 215 S&S 8-1/2″ / 215mm 10 oz / 280g Floating 2 to 5 ft 1 to 22 knots 50 to 130 lb $63.60

About the Splasher 240 Salt & Sun
Dedicated to the very large topwater predator fishes, it moves water as no other bait on the deep blue seas. The result is it attracts game fish from a long distance AND very deep. Tests made in Panama and Australia proved this was the lure that fish would hit the most when several lures were used at the same time on the same boat. Trophy specialist Olivier Charpentier’s fishfinder was showing fish such as cubera snapper and tuna coming from as deep as 120 feet to attack this lure on top! This is definitely NOT a typical lure. You must use the right gear, rod, reel and line to be able to use this massive lure correctly and land the huge fish it will attract. Its mouth pushes so much water it look like a GT (giant trevally) just attacked on top, so don’t be fooled by the explosion you make when pulling on the rod! Also, it has an undulating, very easy, walk-the-dog action that is perfect to finesse strikes from finicky fish. With a metal cut sheet inside connecting the hooks and eye, heavy duty ball bearing swivels and extra heavy 10/0 treble hooks, this lure is ready to handle all! It’s the master of the seven seas. It is also possible to replace the treble hooks and use single hooks, rigging one in front of the head only, or one in front and one on the tail, depend how the fish are biting.

Model Size Weight Type Level Line Test MSRP
Splasher 240 S&S 9-1/2″ / 240mm 12 oz / 338g Floating Topwater 100 to 150 lb $60.42

About the Flatt Shad 155 XH and 215 XH Salt & Sun Models
Expressly made to target the world’s biggest bluewater and freshwater game fishes. Always a high vibration bait, these monster Flatt Shads create so much turmoil in the water while trolled or jigged that they attract predators from far away. No need to troll fast to get the best action from them, which save gas and increases results as well. The swimming action is so powerful that it is not recommended to use too light a rod and line. The 155 XH model can also be cast with a strong rod; it is equipped with two extra strong treble hooks as is the 124 XH. The 215 XH model come with heavy duty ball bearing mounted single wide gap hooks to eliminate leverage while fighting large, twisting fish. Both the 155 XH and 215 XH have a steel cut sheet inside that connects hooks and eye for unlimited internal power to withstand the worst battles and emerge victorious!

Model Size Weight Type Casting/Trolling Jigging Line Test MSRP
Flatt Shad 155 XH-SK S&S 6-1/4″ / 155mm 7 oz / 200g Extra Heavy Sinking ≤30 ft ≤200 ft 40 to 80 lb $47.70
Flatt Shad 215 XH-SK S&S 8-1/2″ / 215mm 13 oz / 374g Extra Heavy Sinking ≤50 ft ≤300 ft 80 to 130 lb $63.60

About the Stick Shadd 210 FL and 210 SK Salt & Sun Models
The Stick Shadd is one of the most popular lures in the SEBILE range, and the overall favorite lure of Patrick Sebile. So it was only logical to upgrade the range to a new 210 size level to target the big mean ones. Tested on the coral-encrusted length of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef by Patrick Sebile and the legendary Nomad Team, the 210mm monsters have proven exceptional results on every kind of game fish from shallow reefs to open bluewater. Coming in Floating and Sinking versions permits you to choose the one that fits the conditions best. This new size possesses all the action and benefits of smaller sizes, plus it has a steel cut sheet from nose to tail, connecting the hooks to make it tough as possible. Rigged with two extra heavy reinforced treble hooks, they may be replaced by single hooks without altering the action of the lure. Just pick single hooks of the same weight as the trebles being replaced. This is the way it works for replacing hooks as well on any other SEBILE lure – replace hooks with ones of the same weight to preserve the action. SEBILE designed the Stick Shadd 210 FL and SK to be mostly used for spinning and casting, but they also work very well indeed for trolling.

Model Size Weight Type Level Line Test MSRP
Stick Shadd 210 FL S&S 8-1/4″ / 210mm 5-1/2 oz / 155g Floating 1 to 3 ft 40 to 100 lb $47.70
Stick Shadd 210 SK S&S 8-1/4″ / 210mm 8 oz / 245g Sinking 3 to 25 ft 40 to 100 lb $53.00

About SEBILE’s New Power Game Snaps
Not only is SEBILE’s Salt & Sun Series one of the strongest, most durable and dependable hard lure families for the strongest fish, but Patrick Sebile has also produced an extra heavy series of Power Game Snaps for 2011. They’re perfect for all big game fish in fresh and saltwater. With an elongated shape and heavy interlocking wire, Power Game Snaps will come in 200 lb, 300 lb and 450 lb sizes for 2011.

Model Size Line Test Leader Test Finish
Snap – Power Game 200 Lb 200 lb ≤65 lb ≤200 lb Stainless Steel
Snap – Power Game 300 Lb 300 lb ≤80 lb ≤300 lb Stainless Steel
Snap – Power Game 450 Lb 450 lb ≤130 lb ≤450 lb Stainless Steel

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