Products we can or can’t live without

Products we can or can't live without

Sometimes angler's will pick a lure from the shelf, look at the fantastic colors, new red hooks, bring it to the counter, only to find that this particular item cost more than he expected. Sticker shock is now a common phenomenon in the retail tackle world.
Well, here at UB, we are going to start a new series of Product Review's, helping angler's make an educated decision while avoiding the Sticker Shock syndrome. Look here in the next few days, for my new series, The Rockin' Angler's Product Review. 

Here's how it got started:
Some of these new products are just knock off's of older ones, and then there are some new products that are, quite frankly Amazing. With the invent of the 20.00 to 25.00 dollar lure, It makes me wonder, what has changed so much as when the same exact lure was 7.50 . Some company's markups are over 200%. To me that just won't do anymore, and I want to do something about it. First thing I did was, I started my own Product Review site. This site is independent from UB, and has no company endorsements, only mine and a panel of angler's that I put together to test them. Another thing was, I refused to buy the over priced lures. I have lost too many 25.00 dollar lures from shore fishing, that I now only fish those lures from my boat. Now together with UB and the independent Product Review site, we will have information to choose lures that are comparable to the high priced gear.

Along with the positive reviews, there will also be the negative reviews for reason being that the item is just a waste of money, or is so overpriced that it does not merit a purchase. Along with product's, will also be Service reviews. I want Angler's to know which companies have great customer satisfaction, and which companies are hard or difficult to deal with.

I will also, as companies donate their products for review, give them away to UB for our weekly contests.

So for UB members, this is a win win situation. You will not only have a choice to find out about that new spinnerbait before you buy it, but will also have a chance to win the items you see reviewed.

In my next article, I will tell you about some new products that we, as Tournament Angler's should not be without. Also Visit NEW PRODUCTS

by Scott Perratti "The Rockin' Angler"

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