Pro vs. Joe Lake Quivira – “Where it All Began”

Pro vs. Joe Lake Quivira, Kan. – Thirty years ago professional angler Brent Chapman was camping with his family at Melvern Lake when he stumbled upon a bass fishing tournament. That was the day Chapman discovered what he wanted to be.

Pro vs. Joe Lake QuiviraIn episode 10 of Pro vs. Joe presented by Realtree Outdoors, Chapman accepts a challenge from police officer Brian Keeney from Gardner, Kansas to fish Melvern Lake. “Brian mentioned in his challenge that he was a law enforcement officer and with the state of things around the country, I thought it was important for me to give a little back, even if it was just one officer. If I wasn’t a fisherman, I would have more than likely gotten into law enforcement, I really respect the men and women of law enforcement.”

Pro vs. Joe Lake Quivira Chapman Returns Home

Returning to the lake Pro vs. Joe’s Chapman spent many days fishing as a young angler was exciting for Chapman, “It had been many years since I fished Melvern Lake, and I heard the smallmouth fishing was getting good. I had a lot of fun filming this episode, and it brought back a lot of memories.”

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