Pro vs. Joe Episode 11: “Breaking the Law”

Pro vs Joe with Brent Chapman episode 11

Pro vs. Joe

January 10, 2016 – Pro vs. Joe Brent Chapman is known throughout bass fishing circles as a stickler to all rules, and the etiquette of the sport. In Episode 11, “Breaking the Law” Chapman, the Joe (Ken Lindberg) and the film crew found themselves in a sticky situation, one that surprised everybody. Chaos ensued and and Episode 11 was in jeopardy.

Ken Lindberg was one of the few guest “Joes” during Season one of Pro vs. Joe’s that Brent Chapman knew previously. Lindberg was a member of the bass club that Chapman petitioned to join at the age of 14. Lindberg is retired and currently enoys working part time at Bass Pro Shops in Olathe, Kansas. Lindberg said, “I really enjoy talking fishing and helping others catch fish.”

To date, eleven (11) episodes of Brent Chapman’s Pro vs. Joe presented by Realtree Outdoors have been released. Two more shows will be released over the next two weeks completing the thirteen (13) episode season. All episodes can be viewed in entirety at:

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