Power Tackle using Batson Enterprises’s brands for Comb’s Series

Combs, Batson, Power Tackle

Power Tackle is proud to announce they are using Batson Enterprises’s brands (RainShadow, ALPS, and ForeCast ) exclusively to introduce a brand new line of quality bass fishing rods, The “Keith Comb’s Signature Series.” 10 rod models designed for Keith’s style of fishing are going to be available at local retailers Q2, 2015. “With Power Tackle’s reputation for quality and workmanship, teamed with RainShadow, ALPS, and ForeCast, my level of fishing has greatly increase. This creates an uncompromising commitment to quality rod builds. Bass fishermen from the weekend angler to the most serious tournament angler will find impeccable thought, design, fishability with an extremely inviting price.” Says Keith Combs, BASS Elites Pro.

All rods are crafted in the USA with component such as RainShadow blanks, which are the finest in design and manufacturing of Toray graphite and Eglass composite blanks. The Alps TexTouch blank exposed reel seat with “dual locking nuts” are undoubtedly the best reel seat on the market for sensitivity, comfort and durability. The 11 mini guide ALPS system has been designed for making long accurate casts while increasing sensitivity. “Power Tackle will proudly build these rods for Keith and offer them to the dedicated fisherman for an unbeatable value.” Says Judy Reneau, Power Tackle.

“We are blessed to have added Keith Combs and Power Tackle to the Team RainShadow Pro-staff. Keith’s knowledge, determination and persistency will make him succeed. Keith Combs competing on the BASS Elites with his signature series fishing rods will give him the competitive advantage to win.” States Bill Batson, CEO Batson Enterprises. “I want anglers of any level to fish with the exact rods that I use personally. This will allow any one the opportunity to catch the biggest fish.“ Keith Combs voices.

Power Tackle has gained a reputation for solid, quality rods. They have been manufacturing premium bass fishing rods for over 8 years and have become well respected by the serious fisherman. Fished by pros like Keith Combs, Tim Reneau , Phil Marks, and Ray Hanselman, as well as other ranked fishermen, Power Tackle Rods are contending with the “big boys” of the rod industry.

For more information: www.powertackle.com

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