Phenix Baits Pro’s ready for FLW Cup

With the 2011 FLW Cup less than a week away three Phenix Bait Co. Pro’s prepare to take their shot at the title. 2006 FLW Cup Champion Brent Ehrler, FLW Tour veteran Brett Hite and 2010 FLW Cup runner up Cody Meyer have all utilized Phenix Bait Company lures to qualify for the FLW Cup event. All three Phenix Pros double qualified for the FLW Cup through the 2010 National Guard FLW Western Series and the 2011 FLW Tour season.

The 2010 FLW Western Series Angler of the Year and 2011 FLW Tour Runner up for angler of the year Brent Ehrler always keeps his Phenix casting jig nearby. “My casting jig has been instrumental to my success in 2011. I always have one tied up and ready to fish,” Ehrler explained. “It’s been my main bait in several events this season. Even when it is not my main bait it’s always ready to put a couple extra fish in the boat for me. For example, a few weeks ago on Pickwick I was catching them on crankbaits on schooled fished along ledges. When the reaction bite slowed in the school of fish, I’d use the Phenix casting jig to pick a few more bites from the school.”

Hite double qualified for the FLW Cup by placing eighth in the Western Series in 2010 and twentieth in the Angler of the Year Race on the FLW Tour in 2011. Hite recalls utilizing Phenix Baits regularly for both qualifications. “It’s my first option for upgrading my limit. I throw it in and around grass in shallow water when bluegill and sunfish are active. In 2011, I cashed several checks and placed fifth at Lake Chickamauga using my Signature Phenix baits.”

Cody Meyer finished second in the 2010 Western Series AOY race and fifteenth place on the FLW Tour in 2011. Meyer explains, “My Phenix football head jig has been a huge part of my success over the past year. In my first event with the jig, on Lake Shasta in 2010, I placed fourth using it almost exclusively. I landed a couple of giant spotted bas on it. I have caught fish on almost every lake since that event.”

All three Phenix pros are expecting Phenix baits to be a big part of their FLW Cup event at Lake Ouachita. “In August of 2007, the FLW Cup was held on Ouachita and the fish were deep. I didn’t have my signature Phenix bait back. I am anxious to put it to work next week,” stated Hite. Hite looks to improve on his fifteenth place finish in at the 2007 FLW Cup.

Ehrler foresees using his Phenix casting jig much like he did just a few weeks ago at Pickwick. “The fish should be schooled up pretty good. I’ll start with a few reaction baits. When the bite slows I’ll slow down and try to pick up a few good ones with the jig.” Ehrler finished 44th in 2007 one year after his 2006 FLW Cup victory.

Meyer returns to the FLW Cup for the third time and hopes his Phenix jig can get him over the final hump to victory. “The last two years I have been right there at the cup. I hope this is the year I can finally get it done. Boat traffic on Ouachita in the summer can really make the bite tough. When the boat traffic picks up late in the day, I’ll slow down and fish the brown sugar football head deep.”

Other recent success for Phenix Bait Company includes Tim Klinger placing sixth at the 2011 U.S. Open on Lake Mead. Klinger utilized his Phenix Spinnerbait for much of his catch in route to his third U.S. Open top ten finish.

The FLW Cup kicks off on August 11th out of Hot Springs Arkansas. You can follow the FLW Cup and all three Phenix Bait Company Pro anglers via updates on the Phenix Proline Lures Facebook Page.

About Phenix Bait Company: Based in Orange, California Phenix Bait Company is a family owned and operated business. Phenix Bait Company makes jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and lead heads.

Contact Information: Alice Benge (714) 538-7637

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