OutDoors Unlimited Spring Fishing and Boat Buyers Guide

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The 2014 Spring Fishing and Boat Buyers Guide from ODU Magazine is finally here. Spring is here and we know anglers are looking to wet their lines more. This edition is packed with articles from bass to redfish, with tips, suggestions, reviews, video tips and outdoor stats. 23 stories in all!

The biggest feature in this edition of ODU Magazine is the boat buyers guide, filled with over 50 boats to review. V-Hulls, bass boats, duck boats and aluminum models are all represented. Some of us already have boats, but others are deciding what there next will be. Maybe you will see your next boat inside!

The magazine is free and found at this link:

Enjoy this edition and please share with your friends. The following titles will be found in this edition, with their respective page links.

1. Mini-Crankbaits For Trout, Pg 7
2. Making The Connection For Big Bass, Pg 11
3. Expanding Your Time On The Water, Pg 14
4. Product Review: Bites Back Fishing, Pg 18
5. Trends In Fishing & Hunting, Pg 21
6. Ice-Out Panfish, Pg 24
7. Advanced Swim Jig Tips, Pg 26
8. Erie Walleye Anglers Take Notice, Pg 31
9. The Elusive Piranha Preta, Part 2, Pg 36
10. Fishing Specific Spots “Hot Spots”, Pg 38
11. The Five C’s To Fishing Success, Pg 39
12. Spring PANdemonium For Spring Crappies, Pg 42
13. Exploring The Great Lakes Of New York, Pg 48
14. You’re a Professional “fake”!, Pg 48
15. Rock and Roll in Shallow Water, Pg 50
16. Selecting A Crankbait Rod For All Conditions, Pg 53
17. WhoDat Catching Dem Louisiana Redfish, Pg 55
18. The What and How’s of the Shad Spawn!, Pg 59
19. Grand Lake White Bass and Crappie, Pg 62
20. Father’s Day Gifts From Rapala, Pg 65
21. Cold Water Fishing in New England, Pg 70
22. Softbait Strategies For Open-Water Panfish, Pg 76
23. Harness the Power of Side Imaging ,Pg 79
24. Boat Buyers Guide, Pages 81 – 101

Thank you

Larry Thornhill, Editor and Chief
William Schwarz, Assistant Editor

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