Myers, Martens On Top at Douglas

Britt Myers

Dandridge, Tenn – After two days of BASS Elite Series action on Douglas Lake, North Carolina angler Britt Myers leads with 45 pounds, 2 ounces. Day one leader Aaron Martens slipped to second, but remains in striking distance with 41 pounds, 4 ounces. Both Myers and Martens have referred to Douglas Lake as similar to their home waters, yet they differ on their approach to catching their fish.

In separate interviews prior to the event both Myers and Martens referred to their home waters, which happen to be on opposite coasts. Myers of North Carolina believes Douglas Lake fishes very similar to his home lake, Lake Wylie, back on the North Carolina-South Carolina border. Likewise, Martens stated that he believes Douglas is a lot like the lake he grew up on in California, Lake Castaic. This familiarity had both of them excited about the event and believing they would do well. Myers expressed, “I am very comfortable with this kind of fishing. I feel right at home when I am out there on the water.”

Likewise, before the event kicked off Martens expressed, “I am excited, actually a little nervous about this event. It’s so much like Castaic, except bigger. I think I can do really well.”

With fish schooled up in many areas of the lake, Myers and Martens are fishing differently. Although neither are willing to give up their full patterns both have given hints to their approach to the lake. Myers is targeting only bigger fish by fishing a mixture of shallow water and deep water to land five to ten fish a day. On the other hand, Martens is staying deep for his fish and catching over twenty fish each day including several days of practice and believes the schools of fish he is on has bass in the four to five pound range.

Myers knows he’s not getting many bites, but he’s getting the good ones. “I said it before the first day and after the first day, and I’ll say it again. If I get five bites I’ll be okay, if I get ten bites I’ll be really good. So far I have gotten ten bites each day and it’s working out. Things can change, so I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I am just going to go have fun and see how it turns out. They always say when its your time to win, then it’s your time to when. Hopefully it’s my time.”

With a second day weight over six pounds less than his first day leading weight of 23 pounds, 14 ounces Martens slid one spot in the standings. “Today didn’t go as well as yesterday, but this lake is fishing great and it’s possible to catch 25 pounds tomorrow. Britt is fishing well, I might need 25 pounds to catch him.”

It is possible they are sharing some areas, “Twice today I pulled up to a spot and Britt had just pulled in before me. I am not sure that is where he is catching them, but I am definitely wondering about it,” Martens explained.

With two days left in the event they both agree that there is still plenty of fishing to do. “This lake has quite a few big bass in it, and if an angler times it exactly right they can put 25 maybe 30 pounds of bass in the boat in just a few minutes. So even though Britt and I have a pretty decent advantage over the other anglers, I wouldn’t count anyone out, yet,” Martens explained.

Myers agrees, “What I learned in practice was you can go from hero to zero really quick. I’d have a good day of practice and then a bad day of practice. Hopefully, I have it figured out well enough to eliminate the bad day possibility, but there’s no telling. This is still anyone in the top tens tournament to win. Get on the right spot at the right time and that can change the game.”

The third day of the event kicks off Saturday morning. The live weigh in can be viewed on the Internet at at 3:00 EST. For updated information throughout the final two days of competition follow Britt Myers and Aaron Martens on their Facebook pages. Both will have updates on their pages throughout the day from spectators following them on the water.

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