MegaStrike Purchases Cavitron

MegaStrike Purchases Cavitron Buzzbait Company

MegaStrike Fish AttractantFebruary 18th, 2005- Bobby Uhrig, President of MegaStrike, Inc. today announced he has reached an agreement with bass pro Lee Baily Jr. to purchase Bailey’s highly successful buzzbait company, Cavitron Lures. Cavitron Lures manufactures the famous Cavitron Buzzbait. Dsigned and patented by bass pro Lee Baily Jr, the Cavitron buzzbait has been in production over ten years. MegaStrike Inc. manufactures MegaStrike Fish Attractant, the most technologically advanced and fastest growing fish attractant in the world.

Cavitron BuzzbaitsThe Cavitron buzzbait is the most well known buzzbait on all of the professional bass fishing circuits. It is a proven design that has claimed national championship wins on the Bassmaster Tour. Lee Bailey Jr. cited his extremely busy schedule fishing two national tours as the reason for the sale. "I have a lot of pride in the Cavitron lure and company," said Bailey, adding "I know that Bobby Uhrig will take Cavitron to new levels of success." "This will also allow me more time to concentrate on my professional fishing career," continued Lee.

Bobby Uhrig stated he was pleased his well-known fish attractant company was able to buy Cavitron. "Cavitron Lures is a great addition and will further our goal to provide anglers with only the very highest quality products," said Uhrig. "To have a proven product like Cavitron with a great history behind it is a win/win deal for us," stated Uhrig.

The Cavitron buzzbait features a precision gold anodized Cavitron prop, a patented "stealth" body and custom oxbow wire bend that sets Cavitron Buzzbaits apart from all others. Cavitron is the slowest buzzbait you will ever use, claimed the company.

The Cavitron is a high end buzzbait that comes with the finest quality components. It features a setback Gamakatsu hook that virtually eliminates the need for a trailer hook. Available in three sizes (1/8, 1/4, 3/8 oz) and five colors (black, white, chartreuse, ghost minnow and chartreuse/white) that fish see best. Most other colors catch fishermen rather than fish, so we keep the Cavitron buzzbait colors simple. It works.

Cavitron Lures will move its manufacturing operations to MegaStrike’s facililities in Jackson, New Jersey.

To visit both companies on the web, go to and

Media Contact: Bobby Uhrig, president/owner, MegaStrike and Cavitron Phone: 1-866-4-LIMITS

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