Kistler 2012 Reliability Report

At Kistler we say ‘Fishing Never Felt So Good’ and now we have another ‘solid’ reason to say so! Unlike other popular brands, our rods won’t snap like fresh vegetables or magically explode on hookset. For the last two years our rods have had a breakage rate of less then 1%! That’s five times less then the industry average and the best in its class!

No other high modulus graphite rod on the market today can offer the featherweight reliability, sensitivity and industry leading innovations like a Kistler rod!

From the proprietary graphite blanks in our Magnesium and Helium rod lines to the truly one of a kind innovations of paper carbon scrim blanks in our signature Z-Bone collection, Kistler Rod Company is dedicated to providing the very best fishing experience possible.

Fishing today is a full contact sport. Full contact for the fish that is! And if you’re using the wrong tools you’ll end up on the loosing end of the game! Fishing rods today need to be more then pretty colors and sport high dollar names. They need to be built for the punchin’, buzzin’ jiggin’ and froggin’ of today’s angler.

From design, to manufacturing, to delivery, Kistler Rods are made right! Over the last two years, we have seen a less then 1% breakage rate! No one can make a claim like that because no one else builds rods like we do! No matter what type, style or budget needs you have, Kistler rods will be there when you need them the most.

So if you want a carrot, go to the garden. If you want magic, visit the circus. But if you want the most dependable, best-built rod available today pick up a Kistler!

As always, on that rare occasion that one of our rods may break, you know we have your back with our ‘Smart Warranty’.

Cause at Kistler…..’Fishing Never Felt So Good’!
Trey Kistler
President Kistler Rods

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