Kim Bain-Moore at Guntersville?

Lady Bass Anglers Association

Pelham, Alabama’s Kim Bain-Moore is the leader of the pack at the half way point in the 2011 Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA) season. Bain-Moore has won both 2011 tournaments this year and the question on minds is — will the KBM Express continue to roll at Guntersville this week?

“I’m having a great time fishing the LBAA – I’m getting the opportunity to meet and fish with a lot of lady anglers that I haven’t met before, along with the excitement of fishing some new lakes to me. I’m not sure about the KBM Express (LOL) but I know the FUN will continue.” Bain-Moore stated with a smile.

“Most of the girls have beaten me at some stage or other when we have fished alongside each other in the past. Fishing is so different to other sports in that respect,” Bain- Moore stated. “In golf, you can recover from a bad shot and yet a good shot doesn’t put you leaps and bounds in front. Fishing is different, anybody can win – sometimes it only takes that one ‘spot -on’ cast to change everything.”

With two tournaments down and two to go, plus a championship, left for the LBAA in 2011, what advice would you give not only yourself, but other anglers for finishing strong in 2011? Bain-Moore paused a moment then answered, “There are two strategies – play the percentage game, or swing for the fences; we’ve all had success and failure at both of those – you roll the dice.”

“At Guntersville you can swing and when you connect its big time…maybe a 30 pound plus bag! My dad and I fished there once when he visited years ago and he caught a flurry of big bass to 8lbs each, all on different lures, and from the back of the boat; that always makes me think that Guntersville isn’t the best place to play percentage,” she added.

Add to this week’s tournament mix the July 4th holiday week boat traffic. “There you go messing with my head! Now I take back what I said about swinging for the fences – when boat traffic puts pressure on the fish, it is time to play the percentage game and look for something different but consistent. I think holiday traffic has certainly influenced practice more than it will affect the tournament itself,” she continued.

It is no secret that Bain-Moore has won both LBAA events this year on Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper lure. The Skinny Dipper is a 5” minnow imitation with a round paddle tail. Will Bain-Moore be Skinny Dippin’ at Guntersville?

“I think some of our anglers will be throwing the Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper so I’m going to do something a little different and mix it up a bit,” Bain-Moore added. “But you know if you write it up that the girls will be Skinny Dippin’ at Guntersville then that should raise some eyebrows,” Bain-Moore concluded.

Competition days for the LBAA Lake Guntersville ProAm will be Thursday, July 7 and Friday, July 8. LBAA membership is required to fish the Guntersville ProAm.

On Saturday, July 9, the LBAA will host the Lake Guntersville Alabama Tornado Relief Charity Tournament. Entry fee is $100 per team with a guaranteed payout of $1,000 to first place. The highest finishing team with a female team member and the highest finishing team with a child age 12 or under will receive a $200 bonus. Membership in the LBAA is not required to fish this charity event. At the conclusion of the weigh-in, drawings for raffle items will take place adding another level of support that will go to help with tornado relief in Alabama. Numerous national and local organizations have donated raffle items for this event.

Both the LBAA Guntersville ProAm and the LBAA Alabama Tornado Relief Charity Tournament will launch anglers at “safe light’ and weigh-ins will start at 2 p.m. at the Val Monte Resort and Marina at 7001 Val Monte Drive Guntersville. 1-256-582-3348.

The Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau is hosting host the LBAA Guntersville Tour Stop. Visit them on the World Wide Web at

Tournament headquarters and lodging for the 2011 LBAA Lake Guntersville event is at the aforementioned Val Monte Resort and Marina. Additional lodging is at the Days Inn of Guntersville which is located at 14040 US Hwy 431 South in Guntersville and their number is 1-256-582-3200.

Sponsors of the 2011 Lady Bass Anglers Association Tour are: Wilkins Brothers Outdoors, Pro Tournament Scales, Todali Tackle, Dawn Outdoors, Red Dirt Bait Company, FINS Superlines, Rayjus Outdoors, Reactions Innovations, Kick `n Bass, Castaway Graphite Rods, Vickie’s Threadworks, Necessity Jigs, West Kentucky LED, SureLife, Arkansas Tournament Fishing (ATF), Fleck’s Hand Poured Baits, Ray Barga and Associates Inc., Nite Owl Productions, and River Runner Baits.

The LBAA 2011 Contingency Programs are Phoenix First Flight, Skeeter Real Money, the Legend Advantage Program, BassCat Quest, and Triton Gold.

For more information on the LBAA contact co-founder Cheryl Bowden @ 1-214-738-7518, co-founder Secret York @ 1-270-748-9041, or media specialist Larry Morris @ 1-540-239-7902. The LBAA has a presence on the World Wide Web, on Facebook, and at

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