Ike says “Sitting in the hot seat Sucks!”

Mike Iaconelli in the news conferenceAfter the show we had a chance to sit down with Mike Iaconelli placed 2nd, Brian Snowden placed 3rd and Mike McClelland who placed 4th to…

McClelland, Snowden, IaconelliAfter the show we had a chance to sit down with Mike Iaconelli placed 2nd, Brian Snowden placed 3rd and Mike McClelland who placed 4th to get their thoughts on the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. Each and every one of them congratulated Skeet Reese on a job well done, they all said the fish were here but he “Skeet” put it all together and deserved the win.

B.A.S.S. hosted the interview and the very first question came from yours truly and asked. What was the biggest obstacle you each faced while fishing the Red River? Iaconelli went first with time management; he figured by running to pool four each day he cut his fishing time down to only five hours. He knew what time he had to leave his area each day in order to make the lock and it was imperative not to let the day slip by you.

Brian Snowden who had 52.4 pounds, not enough for the win but it did bring him $40,000 for his third place finish. Snow agreed that time management was one of the biggest things he had to over come not only with the locks going to pool four but the extensive idle time it took to get to his spots.

Mike McClelland said that time management was the number one reason he chose to stay in pool five and the safely aspect of being on a river system with all that could go wrong running these stump filled back waters he didn’t want to add to that by venturing below pool five.

Another person asked if they “Mike Iaconelli, Brian Snowden and Mike McClelland” worked together to figure out the river. Snowden stated although the 3 of them don’t work hand in hand he did have others on the circuit who work to figure out the patterns that work. Ike added he travels with Ish and others and they all shared spots and patterns to help figure out water faster. McClelland agreed he shared patterns, not necessarily water but the general patterns that work.

Someone from the back of the room asked Mike Iaconelli what it was like coming so close but coming up short. Mike just had this look on his face that said “Dude are you kidding” but than he cracked a smile and told everyone that he spent the last fifteen minutes in the Men’s room just sitting on the floor. He followed with “It’s hard competition and Skeet deserved this win.” Brian Snowden added that “You know once you weigh in your fish a big weight is taken off your shoulders.” McClelland closed by saying “To come within two pounds was hard but out of six classics this was the first time he felt he was in contention and that was cool”.

When Mike Iaconelli, Brian Snowden and Mike McClelland were asked about the baits they used I thought now this is what I figured would be some great in-depth detailed info,,, nope they let me down. McClelland said he was using a wareagle finesse spinnerbait with turtle back blades and those paid off in the dirty water. Snowden said he worked a jig with a custom skirt. Mike Iaconelli didn’t cover anything because the next question was directed at him.

Mike Iaconelli was asked “What was it like sitting in the Hot Seat?” he said and I quote (I can sum it up in two words; It Sucks!) He went on to say that “I caught my last fish at 1:54pm and knew I had to be out and on my way to make the lock by 1:55pm and I just made it back before they closed it up.” He wanted everyone to understand that the feeling he had when hooking that last fish is why he fishes. When that feeling goes away,,, god I hope I never lose that feeling. Mike and I both leaned in together and just nodded our heads at each other. You either understand what Ike was saying or you don’t. There isn’t a way to explain it. “Never Give Up!”

Mike McClelland was asked how he manages the tour and how he thought his come-back was going and he replied without hesitation “It’s my family support”. “Everyone has sponsors and ways to make this work for them but my family is the best on the circuit”. “As far as my come-back, it has been more successful than he imagined”.

The interview time was about up but the last thing that stood out was the fact Mike Iaconelli, Brian Snowden and Mike McClelland all agreed on so many things. They said the attendance here was amazing, that the Red River as big as it is fishes small. That not one had or heard of a complaint over spectator boats getting in the way. In fact everyone stayed back and used binoculars and they left their spots alone. In the past it didn’t matter if they were prefishing or in the tournament when they started to pull out to go anglers would come in behind them or they would be there in the morning fishing their locations. Shreveport Bossier isn’t like that, you guys are the best.

That was it, we were told Skeet was on the way in, but on the way out Mike Iaconelli, Brian Snowden and Mike McClelland stopped to shake hands and agreed to link up with various people for follow up questions. Class acts each and everyone of them.

See you on the water.
Ron Fogelson
Admin of Ultimatebass.com

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