Howell Takes AOY Lead

Randy Howell

Springville, Ala – Usually, when an angler takes over the coveted Angler of the Year lead on the Bassmaster Elite Series it is an all-positive experience. When King’s Home Professional Randy Howell took over the points lead at Douglas Lake this past weekend, it was bittersweet. “I am thrilled to be in the lead with four events to go, but taking the lead from my good friend Brent Chapman makes it a little less fun,” expressed Howell.

Howell is having the best year of his career with his lowest finish for the season being 14th place. “Making two top twelve cuts, and just missing two more is great. It could have been better with just one more fish at Bull Shoals and Okeechobee. I am not complaining, but I like fishing on Sundays.”

Moving forward Howell doesn’t see his goals changing. “My goal is to make the top twelve in every event. That’s a tough task, but that has been my goal in every event and I am going to stick to it. Sure I’d like to win an event, but as long as I keep myself in the top twelve range I’ll be okay.”

With regard to his good friend and fishing ally Brent Chapman, Howell expects to see him in the mix for the AOY title as the season progresses. “Brent had a tough event on Douglas, but he’s an incredible angler and the events are setting up great for him. It wouldn’t shock me at all to see him finish strong over the last four events and be right there at the end.”

Looking ahead Howell is excited about the rest of the events. “I have done well on Toledo Bend and Oneida in the past. I pre-scouted the Mississippi River a few weeks ago, before it went off limits, and I like the way that place sets up. The mystery lake is the wildcard, but I think I can do well on a lake with no information.”

Howell ended with, “We are at the halfway mark in the season so anything can happen. I think anyone in the top ten or twelve has a shot at the title. I am going to continue to work hard and see how it goes. I’d love an Angler of the Year title more than anything and I sure would like to make it happen. Lord willing, it will.”

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