Ebassfish.com Joins the Ultimate Bass Family

www.eBassFish.com Joins the Ultimate Bass Family

The Ladies Join UB

For Immediate Release: In an effort to expand the promotion of women anglers and their desire to compete and pursue their passion of fishing, two sisters – Linda Berry of Madison, NC and Denese Freeman of Lawton, Oklahoma, co-owners of ebassfish.com have joined forces with Laurie Cork and Ultimate Bass.com as part of the Ultimate Bass Forum community.

Ebassfish.com is an on-line magazine dedicated to the future of women and fishing and has been in existence since September of 2005. Denese originally designed the site and Linda came aboard as editor and writer soon after. The site is intended to honor their mother who took the time to take them fishing as children.

By joining the Ultimate Bass community, it is the desire of ebassfish.com to gain more recognition for all women anglers through discussions that educate the public and talk about fishing from a woman’s point of view. 33% of all anglers are women and the fishing industry is starting to take notice.

Both Denese and Linda fish the Women’s Bassmaster Tour and use the tournaments as a means of getting together 4 or 5 times a year to share a sport that both love. Linda has been tournament fishing since 1990 and convinced Denese to join her in the fun in 2003. The highlight of their journey was in July of 2006 when they both qualified for the Top 6 at a WBT event on Lake Norman in NC. The sisters got to share the ESPN stage and talk about their support for each other.

Denese and Linda met Laurie Cork, the owner of Ultimate Bass at a WBT tournament on the Red River in Shreveport, LA in September of 2007. After reviewing the Ultimate Bass website and seeing how well the Ultimate Bass Forum was visited and monitored, the sisters were convinced that this was a win-win situation for both ebassfish and Ultimate Bass.

February 20, 2008
Linda Berry


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