Duo Realis ICAST Preview

Duo Realis has let secrets out prior to the official ICAST unavailing. New bait sizes in the crankbait line up, along with a new topwater design that has been making waves. Be sure to keep an eye out for the complete selection at ICAST.

1.Duo Realis G87 Crank 15A and 20A

Duo Realis Crankbait

With the overwhelming success of the G87 20A deep diving crankbait Duo has added the new is the G87-15A, a crank carrying the same profile as the 20A but tuned to dive beyond 15 foot depths. The G87 15A will have some lookers. The 20A’s recent success during the BASS Elite held on Lake Havasu was well noted by several tour professionals.

Also a new color was added to the 20A line-up called Smoky Bone. [15A] Length/87mm(3-1/3”in) ■Weight/34.5g(1-1/4oz) ■Range/4.5〜5.3m (14〜16ft) [20A] ■Length/87mm(3-1/3”in) ■Weight/35.5g(1-1/4oz) ■Range/5.5〜6.3m〜 (19〜21ft)

2. Pencil Popper 110 and 148

Duo Realis Pencil Popper

Designed for long distance casting and tack-and -glide-action, the Pencil Popper 148 and 110 possess a special infrastructure noted as a rigid-core- incorporates 40-plus diagonal beams to eliminate crush zones within the body cavity. The148 also possesses has a 360-degree rotating hook hanger to increase leverage on big fish.

■Length/148mm(5-7/8”in) ■Weight/40g(1-3/8oz) ■Length/110mm(4-3/8”in) ■Weight/18g(5/8oz)

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