DUO Realis enters North American Bass market

Duo Realis jerkbait

DUO Co. Ltd., one of Japan’s top brands of premium hard baits, is announcing their entry into the US and Canadian tournament bass market.

Bringing you the highest in Japanese quality, the Realis line, was built to provide bass anglers with a new sense to fishing. Realis baits are tournament ready straight from the package featuring realistic design, flawless finishes and tuning perfection.

Headed by one of the world’s best Japanese lure designers, Masahiro Adachi, DUO is a company of impeccable quality, incredible innovation, and a mindset of forward thinking. Adachi’s dedication is obvious in every one of his creations.

Duo Realis Popper

Mr. Matsushita and Mr. Adachi established DUO Japan in 1995. The gifted duo began their journey with a philosophy to provide “a total package” in premium baits, paying special attention to detail, sacrificing nothing in quality, form, function, and value, while giving the angler a complete experience.

“The most important thing I can attest to is the unprecedented precision that goes into each one of our lures. Many companies are simply ‘brand houses’, outsourcing their manufacturing. DUO prides itself on being one of the last companies in Japan to possess, develop, produce, quality control and package in-house. Through this efficiency, DUO is able to provide the market excellence at a reasonable cost”, emphasizes Mr. Bakos, DUO`s international manager.

DUO Co. Ltd.’s direct, yet unique, approach to North America’s market will bring several advantages;

Duo Realis Jerkbait

“The main merit is mobility in terms of pricing and flexibility in marketing. By managing production ratios we are able to provide a value that will allow the bass angler to seriously consider our high quality lures. Keeping everything in-house and remaining efficient allows us to support our retailer with expedited shipping as if products were stocked in the US, not mentioning the generous built-in margin. The Realis line (designed for tournament angling) presently features ten baits, including the globally acclaimed Pencil 110, Jerkbait120SP and Popper 64. Beginning in 2013, the Realis line up will be strengthened by the long awaited Jerkbait 100SP, Crank 65 8A/11A and Pencil 85. We are very excited for what will follow. DUO is well aware of the high level a tournament angler must perform and our Realis line is specifically geared for this approach”, says Mr. Bakos.

Realis and other fine DUO products can be seen at www.duo-inc.co.jp/en and www.duo-intl.jp/en. For dealer and mass merchant inquiries, please contact martin@duo-inc.co.jp

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