Dobyns Rods Releases Savvy Series with Micro Guides

Dobyns Rods

Yuba City, Ca. – Dobyns Rods announced early last week that the new line of Dobyns Rods with Micro guides will be available in retail stores this week (Monday November 14, 2012). With no price difference, all Savvy Series Rods now come with either Standard or Micro Guides.

Micro Guides on bass fishing rods are the biggest industry wave to hit the bass fishing rod market since split grip handles. Just like split grip handles, Micro Guides are not for everyone; however, they are a tool and some anglers that have fished with Micro Guides say they will never go back to standard guides.

Some advantages anglers associate with Micro Guides are:

Reduced over all weight of the rod. While rods built with Micro Guide have more guides, those guides weigh less than standard guides. The Dobyns Savvy Series Micro Guide rod has 13 line guides plus the tip eyelet for a total of 14, compared to the 9 plus tip on the same rod in a standard guides model. The Micro guides are very small, and the overall weight added to the blank is less creating a lighter rod.

Improved casting distance. Micro Guides reduce line slap as the line passes through the guides during a cast. With more guides, the line has no opportunity to flex between the guides. Preventing this flex and keeping the line straighter will reduce drag along the rod, resulting in greater distances achieved during casting and pitching. This will also improve your accuracy.

Improved sensitivity. Many anglers argue that Micro Guides improve sensitivity. With more guides and less material in those guides, vibrations transmitted from your line to the rod blank it’s self happens more effectively thus creating a move sensitive rod.

Richard, at Dobyns Rods, said “We are excited to offer the Micro Guides. Market Demand has been high, and our customers want to try out the new phenomena. The goal at Dobyns Rods is to help anglers catch more bass. I have no doubt the new Savvy Series with Micro Guides will do just that.” Richard went on to say, “Our anglers are already saying they see improved sensitivity and casting distances with the Micro Guides. However, there are anglers that still enjoy the standard guides, and now we offer both to fit every angler’s needs.”

In addition to the release of the Micro Guide line up, Dobyns Rods also now has the Coalition Series Rods. The Coalition Series is a high quality rod with a Camouflage design. The Coalition Series was developed with ABA ( Army Bass Anglers). Richard of Dobyns Rods said, “We brought this Series into our line up to pay tribute to and support the Military men and women that defend our country every day. They are why we have the freedom to fish and enjoy our sport. We wanted to do something thanking our Military for their sacrifices.”

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