Apex Lure Innovations of DUO and Aaron Martens


Apex, the prequel: Lure Innovation of DUO & Aaron Martens

When you talk about innovative, applicable, and proven lure creations you can now add APEX to your favorites.  Driving this ship is Aaron Martens, arguably one of the most deadly consistent and dominant professional bass anglers in history. His angling aptitude and persona has bought him affectionate names such as Hawk Snatcher, the Natural, and the Tackle Doctor (making reference to his years of modifying lures to help him win tournaments). 

Aaron’s tireless desire to perfect lures and improve their proficiency for competitive purposes is one reason he is the perfect match for DUO’s R&D department.

 “I’ve been so excited to partner with one of Japan’s most respected designers, Mr. Adachi (DUO’s chief designer) to see this dream of mine come true”, purported Aaron Martens.

 “It’s no mistake, DUO was serious about applying Aaron’s angling genius into reality.  He is one of the world’s greatest bass anglers and if you have followed him for the last 20 years, you already know the angling community thirsts for his vast knowledge. Some of today’s top pros have sought Aaron’s lure intellect and generous wisdom.  Through his vast experience, we hope to give discriminating anglers the very best tools for their passion”, said David Swendseid, Realis USA R&D Specialist and North American Manager.

Welcome to Aaron’s new lure line, APEX by DUO. This is more than a simple signature series. It is a full line of lure concepts that will come alive. Aaron will breath life into each concept and as a result, a detailed design will form and heightened function will exude. 

 First in the series is the APEX VIBE 100.  It releases a unique vibration, exits cover and obstructions with little effort and reaches its targets in adverse conditions. It will also possess swim-descent motion and will lay upright, aiding in better line control in shallower or deeper probing.  The VIBE 100 will help tournament anglers be successful.

 Specs. for the lure are as follows:

VIBE 100

Length: 100mm (3.9 in)

Weight: 32grams (1.12 oz)

DUO is now accepting pre-orders for its release.

Contact David Swendseid at dside7@yahoo.com

DUO International website: www.duo-international.com

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